To the Lys, Finally

Thursday I visited my LYS. I love buying yarn locally, but unfortunately I do not visit nearly as often as I should. I did, however stock up whilst I was there.


The blue Berroco Vintage Chunky is destined to become an infinity scarf for my friend Mia. The panda Superwash is being divided up into mini skeins for the Blanket. For the Sausalito I have no plans. I just absolutely love it.

Last week I started dyeing mini-skeins from the Panda Superwash.


That’s a blueberry dyebath one the left and a day lily dyebath on the right. I had let the day lilies soak for a few days before starting them. The pot in the back is just the yarn for the blueberries pre-soaking in a salt water bath.

Then I tried out some sourgrass that had cropped up in the blackberry patch of the garden. I let it grow for a while and then, when I had more than enough, I harvested some.


I let it soak in a spaghetti sauce jar overnight. (I did the same with the blueberry. Then, to set it, I washed it in an ice water bath.)

They all came out like this:


The one all the way to the left is the day lily, them the sourgrass (It turned a light yellow; I swear it did!) and finally, the blueberry. Today I decided to try out some red cabbage dye. I chopped up a few leaves. Way more than I needed. IMG_3360

Behold; Mount Cabbage!

Then; while I was trying to get the water to simmer I puttered around, working on a few other things.

I wound some yarn.


I cleaned my new jars.


And, of course, I knitted.



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