Pinky (And blueish) Success

I, as I told you, was dying yarn with some red cabbage. After it soaked for the allotted time (30 minutes) it was this color.


A very light pink.

Using salt to create a darker pink and vinegar to create a darker blue, I soaked each half in a cool dyebath.



Suddenly the vinegar dye soaked up the yarn and traveled into the salt dye.


This greatly diminished the blue section of the yarn. I didn’t mind though and I even knit a square with it and I’m planning another one.


Can you see the blue pooling? (The blue is the leftovers from Podster 2.0) I finished my first big square with the Patons Kroy sock yarn I bought a while back. The decreases are a little crooked  but, once I pick up the stitches on the sides, it should straighten out.




Persephone is interested in the Blanket.


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