Branching out

I’ve been busy on the SSP (super secret project) lately. I’ve had a couple of doctor’s appointments and it has been worked on in the waiting room and while I was having my appointment. I was flying, this is, until I ran out of yarn. {Gasp} The knitter taboo. Having to order more while a wip is well.. in progress. You run the risk of getting a different dye lot. Anyway today, while the surplus yarn was in transit somewhere, I put the work on a lifeline and tried it on for the first time. It fits great. This is why I love gauge. I knitted up some swatches and now I am making a whole project from that data and it is the right size!

In February I promised my oldest friend Mia a scarf. I finally started knitting with the Berroco but I hated the way it was turning out. It needed to be pretty on both sides but I didn’t want to do a tube scarf. So, I picked up  my hook and started crocheting. It’s working great and crocheting it in the round makes it into an infinity scarf without any seaming. Yay!


Close up.


Further away!

It has grown a little since I took this picture yesterday but since the blog wouldn’t let me upload pictures so I’m finishing it today… If I’m feeling brave I might even create a pattern for it!

Not anything else to say other than I’m awaiting a skein to start a slouchy hat for a friend of mine.

Since I did Persephone spam last time I thought I might do a little puppy spam this time. We went swimming on Sunday (before it got all rainy and yucky) with Wilbur and Coal.






The brothers together! (Coal did not want to looks at the camera at all.)

If you’re looking for something funny, yet spot on, to read click here. It’s a post about the obstinate skein, a post I stumbled across via a reblog by the wonderful Caityrosie.


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