This past week has been nothing but a continuum of last week. Not that that’s really a bad thing. I’m still working on my slouchy beanie. I reworked the beginning and am chugging along nicely.


This above is the outside. As I was working along I started to realize that I like the inside more than the outside. Last night I asked the recipient and he agreed. So when I finish it this will be the  outside.


The knit single purl stitches (they were knitted on the other side) disappear into the knitted stitches.


I seem to be loosing motivation to finish the ssp. I’m at a tricky part design-wise and I’m not sure how to proceed. I am almost done which makes it rather frustrating. I’m also procrastinating when it comes to writing up two patterns, one of which is Kumpel.

Last night my step sister came over for supper and she brought me a gift. A yarny gift. (Aren’t they just the best?) She brought me a skein of 65% Wool, 35% Mohair skein of yarn. 125 yards at a DK weight. The best part of this skein is that it has all of the names of the contributing critters on it; Billy, Luigi, Lois, Molly, Maury, Dora, Madaline, Crystal, and Susan.


And on a completely random other note, I forgot to post about a yarnbomb I did at an amusement park a while back.


His name is Willis and he looks like he is up to something. I tied him to a leg of a picnic table where we were eating.



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