Foodie for a Change

I don’t normally do foodie posts (I’ve done one. I think.), but since there is not much knitting news I decided I’d share a recipe I found a la google with you.

Yesterday was a hot day. Summer was trying one more time to get the band back together. Heat and humidity and all that jazz. When I got home I was grumpy and hot. I had a bit of time before supper so I decided to make some bread. I googled ‘bread recipes’ and came up with a list of the top ten favorite breads of a blogger.

After perusing the list I decided to make the Honey-Oatmeal Sandwich Bread. I was sorely tempted by the Chocolate Babka and the Soft Cheese and Pepperoni Bread. I probably would have made the Pepperoni bread but I didn’t have any pepperonis. I whipped up the dough and while I let it rise I worked a few rounds on E String.


After supper I came in to check on it and it had exploded upwards and, even though it still had another half an hour to rise, I threw it in the oven. Crisis averted I continued to knit on E String.

At 8:06 voila! I had a loaf of bread. It was a little misshapen due to it starting to fall but it smelled delicious.


This morning I had a slice with my coffee and it was very yummy. Not quite as sweet as I thought but that’s propably due to me having to add extra flour to make up for my extremely stupid decision to not subtract the water I was using to prep the yeast (which was then dumped into the dough) from the total amout of water needed. Extra water = extra flour.




As I was corralling the pictures for this post I found a cute picture of Rosie’s new toy.


She couldn’t squeeze the body hard enough to make the eyes pop like it was supposed to so she’d just pull them out one at a time. Thought you might enjoy that.


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