Knit Night

I love going to my Lys. Being surrounded by all that yarn is inspiring and downright intoxicatng. When I went Tuesday night to get more yarn for Mia’s scarf I stumbled upon a knit night.

I have never been to one of those, being a rather solitary knitter. But, I was invited to sit down and knit a few rows on my ssp #2. I bought my first pair of Addi Turbos. They are heavenly. 🙂

Being immersed in yarn for that long has set my mind awhirl. There is another coworker who is expecting this spring and darn it if I don’t knit up something nice for her. I’m not too keen on a baby sweater because it’ll be a spring baby so it won’t have much use for one. I could knit one for the next fall but I’d rather make something she could use immediately.
Unfortunately my laptop is at Best Buy being repaired and this post is being written on my iPod do no pictures until next time.


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