Sweater Season

There are signs of fall everywhere.


I’ve been collecting acorns to make a Tannic Acid mordant out of.


I have to fight the deer (they come right up onto our front walk, sheesh!) to get any pears.

I even actually wore hand-knit socks yesterday!

As the temperature dips I continually think about a sweater; how nice it would be to have one to snuggle in on crisp mornings. Yesterday I went on Ravelry and found the Adult’s pullover by the Bernat Design Studios. It’s nice and simple; Garter and Stockinette stitch. I didn’t have any sweater quantities of yarn in my stash, unfortunately.

Or did I?

The Cable dress some of you might remember. IT has been languishing for almost a year or so. I did what any knitter would do.

I frogged all 14 inches of it.


I am planning to start the sweater (which I have dubbed the “Super Snuggly Sweater”) once I have finished E-String which, once again, I had to restart. I’d show it to you but it looks the same as both previous times, just a little smaller.

I finished Mia’s Scar the other day and I love it.



I think I’ll call it “Hourglass”. I finally published the Pdf version of Strawberry Mittens on Ravlery if that’s more your thang.


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