Blog Hop (Part II)

It has been a month since the blog hop started. Everyone in the blog hop was supposed to try and finish as many W.I.P.s as they could. My goal was to knit up a hat for my friend, Taylor in that month. I had a skein of Cascade 128 Superwash in the colorway ‘Jet’. I thought I knew what I wanted. A slouch guy-y beanie. It went from  this:


to this:


to, finally, this:


Taaa-daaa! Dropped stitches!


I was amazed at how soft the yarn got after it’s blocking bath. It was soft before but know it’s like wearing a cloud on your head.


I didn’t finish the pattern yet because I do not hat any pictures of it being worn. But I will soon!

So, how was your blog hop?


2 thoughts on “Blog Hop (Part II)

    • Thanks! He absolutely loves it. I see him almost everyday and he’s pretty much always wearing it. *whew* He plays the guitar and base so I wanted to incorporate the frets but that idea kind of fell by the wayside once I realized what it looked like.

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