Busy Work

Hello everyone! I’m back, finally. Wow, where did the weeks go? I have just been so busy. The Super Snuggly Sweater has grown a tiny bit.


Obviously as a sweater consisting of mainly stockinette stitch it isn’t going to be that interesting to blog about but I shall try to keep you informed.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had any time for knitting really. I’m determined to finish my SSP today and the Kumpel pattern. I need to do some swatching believe it or not.


The yarn is the Lamb’s Pride Worsted I dyed last spring. The colorway was see-saw.

I also wove in the ends of the Podster 2.0s today, now that it’s getting cold enough to use them.

I’m not a brig fan of the finishing steps. Sewing pieces together is worse but weaving in your ends is a close second. It, for me, alternates from cathartic and wanting to snap my darning needle in half. I’m one of those knitters that won’t fix a mistake unless it’s really obvious or compromises the integrity of the FO. As I was weaving in ends I noticed a few mistakes on the inside.


It looks like I dropped stitches and then, when I picked them up, I didn’t re-knit them back up. That is something I would normally fix. I found a couple more spots where I did the same thing. Between  that and an end that was only about a half-inch long it makes me wonder what the heck I was doing.

I promise the next post will be longer and I will have at least one pattern published and some new social networking news.



2 thoughts on “Busy Work

  1. I hate when I finish a project and then discover that I’ve dropped a stitch somewhere. Depending on where it’s at, I just tie it off on the back side and let it ride. Most people will never notice the mistake anyway.

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