There certainly seems to be a lot going on lately.

What with casting on for a new scarf.


I’m planning to knit seven one-inch sections a day and make it four feet long minus an inch. That’s 48 inches minus 1, so 47 sections total. If I knit 7 per day (like I plan to) I should be able to finish this part in a week (from yesterday). Isn’t that great? Now let’s see if I can actually do that.


Filming for the tutorials


How-to for the Lazy Daisy stitch


Dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid how-to


T-Sharn how-to (two methods!)

Once I get up the skeining and Kool-Aid how-tos I can publish Kumpel (Finally!). I’ve been trying to get pictures of E-String in the wild for almost a month now but it just keeps falling through. Taylor and I are having another go this Friday. Wish us luck. I’m also planning, this weekend, to sneak over to the LYS and get the skein of Sausalito I need to finish Libra II (I didn’t quite make it).



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