Toast & Herbs

When I went to the LYS yesterday I had a mission. To find another skein of the Sausalito yarn. I scanned the ball band to find the color, 8118. After having a mountain of yarn attack me ( not entirely unpleasant I must say ;)) and digging though a basket I realized I couldn’t find any. The wonderful owner wasn’t deterred and decided to scan the label and double-check.

Turns out the yarn I wanted did indeed have a name. It is Toast. Unfortunately there wasn’t any more. I ended up buying a skein of the colorway ‘Herb’ to finish my two palm rows and nine thumb rows. The fact that I had so little left to do bugs me more than the fact that I had to substitute in a similar colorway. I would have bought more at the time if I had know what it was going to be.


It’ll look nice as a part of the Blanket though.

After I cast off the Libra II I blocked it.


They really needed it.


Much better. They’re not nearly this pink in reality. My camera  is acting wonky all of a sudden.

On Friday I finally had success! I managed to get one (and only one) good picture of E-String. One was enough though. E-String is now available!


I also started a Ravelry Group! Come on over and say hi. Also, I’ll be looking for testers for Libra II soon so if you’re interested pm me.


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