Christmas Knitting… Finally

It’s that time of year. I’ve started my Christmas knitting! This year the only thing I’m knitting specifically knitting for Christmas is a sweater for my niece. It’s called Reid. It’s by Brooke T. Higgins and you can find it on for free (of course) if you click on the little linky back aways. I’m using Berrocco Weekend DK. It has very nice stitch definition.  It’s all lace so I’ve been progressing slowly since I cast in on Tuesday.


Swatching, Tuesday. I was on-gauge the very first try!


I always forget how to SSK from one project to the next.


I’m on the fifth row of the second lace repeat out of 6 total.

It’s pretty easy, for lace, and only occasionally do I find myself having to unpick a section, having forgotten to YO at one point. That’s my biggest problem. Those pesky YOs.

I fogot to show you a skein from my last trip to the yarn store.


I’m thinking of (another) slouchy hat called Double Double. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting… Finally

  1. That sweater is gorgeous!!! How lucky is she…..I bet her mom is going to love it just as much! What size are you making it?
    That other yarn you bought, hurry up and knit that hat…..I really want to see how it looks knit up!

    • She’s a little over two but wears a size 18 mos so I’m making a size 2 y so it’ll still fit for a while. I’m pretty excited to knit up that yarn myself. Every time I went to the LYS it would stare me down and a couple weeks ago I caved.

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