Resolution Recap #3

I’ve been way behind this month. I only got in about three weeks-worth of squares. I didn’t really knit on anything else after my last post. Life just been that brand of crazy that has me mixing up names with reckless abandon (seriously, it was bad yesterday). When I get stressed and busy I might call you by my great aunt’s name and you’re actually one of my coworkers. Ooops. Anyway, I waited until I had the weather scarf caught up before I posted. That’s why this month’s recap is a little late.


You can start to see the color transition from the dreary colors to the brighter, prettier ones.  April already requires a new color, purple. I think the final transition into spring has at least started. Hey, I head peepers on Thursday, anything is possible.

IMG_5111 copy

Since my computer didn’t want to cooperate I’ll just type the statistics down here. The coldest day was March third with a balmy sixteen degrees Fahrenheit. That’s about negative nine degrees Celsius. The warmest day was March thirty-first at forty-nine degrees. About nine degrees Celsius, positive this time.

0-10 degrees F: White

11-20 degrees F: Black

21-30 degrees F: Grey

31-40 degrees F: Dark Blue

41-50 degrees F: Green

51-60 degrees F: Purple

61-70 degrees F: Pink

71-80 degrees F: Teal

81-90 degrees F: Yellow

91-100 degrees F: Orange

101-110 degrees F: Red

(Temperatures are based on the average for the day.)

The blanket suffered this month. I just haven’t had enough time to work on it. It still grew though.


From this to…


this. This month I ran out of my green camo yarn.


The last square was a big one. I really wanted to make a big one with this yarn, it just looked good with the surrounding yarn colors. I knew that, in the past, it had created a very thin fabric though so I doubled up the yarn. You can see the color change between the single strand knit square in the bottom left corner of the picture and the big one. I just barely had enough to finish the square. All that was left was the tail.


This month I knit a square out of the yarn I dyed with blueberries this summer for the first time. I’m still a little worried about the dye being color-fast even though I used a salt fixative. I’ve kept it hidden away at the bottom of the my box holding all my yarns for this project. It seemed to need another purple in it though, (more purple is always an option) so I took a leap of faith and knitted with it. So far so good.

On another note I  see that a blogger I have been following for a while now has started a blanket of her own. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!



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