Thought it Wasn’t Thursday

What with Easter break started and a little spare time on my hands I decided I would try something new. I have seen W.I.P. Wednesdays before but I have never participated in one. I thought it would be fun to participate. Then I realized, it’s not Wednesday. Would you like to see what I’m working on anyway? I thought so.


The first Bahama Sock (AKA Turkish Walrus by: Rachel Brown) has reached the sole flap (part of the heel). I’ve been really enjoying the monotony of these socks. With the adaptations I’ve made there is minimal striping. That makes it a good TV project.


I ended up adding an extra two inches to Flower Power (AKA Tiny Tether by: Katie Franceschi) which brings the stem length to six inches. I added two more leaves and wove in all the ends except for those that I’ll need to attach the clip and the elastic. I count it as a WIP because it doesn’t have the pacifier, elastic of clip attached yet.


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