What I Did Instead

I should be working on the Ginkgo Crescent shawlette.

I have the pattern.

I have the needles.


I have the yarn.


(Madelinetosh Tosh Sock)


Monday morning I pulled out the yarn to wind it and when I removed the scrap pieces of yarn holding the skein in order I found two bugs! They were larvae of some sort and after a post on ravelry suggested that I freeze my yarn for three days, let it sit for one and then let it freeze for another three.

So instead of working on the shawl I found various other things to do.

I wound the yarn I dyed earlier this week with yellow onion skins and an iron after-mordant.


(The lighter yellow is without a mordant.)


I got caught up on recording temperatures for The Weather Scarf.

I tried to turn a heel on the Bahamas socks and ended up with an extra needle with ten stitches on it when I picked them up after finishing the sole flap.


Seriously, who does that?

Upon closer inspection I realized that, not only do I have no idea where those extra stitches came from or how to eliminate them, they are too mall in various places, the heel being one. So,  I frogged it and started over, making a medium instead of a small.


I worked on a sister to the Stevedore hat. It is only slightly different. I’m using the Alpaca yarn I bought in Gettysburg last summer. I’m calling her Stevedora.


I bought the hair ties I needed for Flower Power (AKA Tiny Tether) and a set of pacifiers.


Apparently you can only buy a 72 pack of these suckers at Wal-Mart and apparently they make different sized pacifiers for different ages. I bought some for age 16 months. I’m going to go back and get some smaller ones I think.

I did a lot of things other than the thing I wanted to do but I still got a lot done.

Thought it Wasn’t Thursday

What with Easter break started and a little spare time on my hands I decided I would try something new. I have seen W.I.P. Wednesdays before but I have never participated in one. I thought it would be fun to participate. Then I realized, it’s not Wednesday. Would you like to see what I’m working on anyway? I thought so.


The first Bahama Sock (AKA Turkish Walrus by: Rachel Brown) has reached the sole flap (part of the heel). I’ve been really enjoying the monotony of these socks. With the adaptations I’ve made there is minimal striping. That makes it a good TV project.


I ended up adding an extra two inches to Flower Power (AKA Tiny Tether by: Katie Franceschi) which brings the stem length to six inches. I added two more leaves and wove in all the ends except for those that I’ll need to attach the clip and the elastic. I count it as a WIP because it doesn’t have the pacifier, elastic of clip attached yet.

Blurred Lines

In the two-and-a-half years I have been blogging here I have always tried to keep my personal life separate from my knitting life. I use pseudonyms for nearly everyone and I don’t stray much from talking about knitting (who would want to though?). Last week, however, those lines blurred. My knitting was featured in the creative issue of my school’s newspaper. They were all patterns I designed and they were published under my real name.


I thought about adding my web address but decided against it. I do want this world to stay separate from my classmates. You can see the editor picked Bow Wow Beanie, E-String, Strawberry Mittens and a skein of the alpaca/silk blend I spun way back when. I was pleasantly surprised that she picked as many pictures as she did.


I started the gift for my friend whose wife is expecting a baby in August. The shower is in May though, so I thought I better get started. First, I knit up a tiny tether (from Knitty.com). The picture is kind of dark and blurry. It looks better if you squint. 🙂


the stem is about four inches long and to knit it up probably only took a few hours all together. It just doesn’t seem long enough so, I’m going to frog the flower and add another inch to the stem. I figure it’ll be pretty useful to have some way to hold onto a pacifier and keep it close to the baby. I also sent the rabbit, which I named Radish due to his coloring, to Rosie. Her little sister, Daisy, was born earlier this month and looks just like her.


He really isn’t that crooked in real life. He’s just very floppy. He turned out much better than the bear I made for her first birthday.

Stash Fast

This year for Lent I decided to give up buying yarn (I also gave up tasty cakes- but that’s another matter entirely). It shouldn’t be too hard I have a little stash. I also have a few WIPs going all from stashed yarn.

I have the Bahamas Socks (Turkish Walrus) started with the blue yarn from my blanket for the toe, heel and top. As apposed to striping all the way up. The rest will be knit in plain stockinette with  Koigu Painters Pallet Premium Merino (100% Merino, 50 g, 175 yds/160 m,  Colorway; P113 ). I have two skeins of it and I’m just going to see how long I can make them.



I’m also working on Rosie’s ‘Big Sister’ present. As I found out the new baby is due in the beginning of April, not May, I’m trying to finish it this weekend and send it down next week some time.


I’m using the left over Silky Wool XL from a pair of legwarmers I made for a friend. I hated them so much I didn’t even take any pictures of  them. There was nothing wrong with them. I just hated them with an unjustifiable passion. The belly and ears are of some super soft yarn I’ve had stashed for a couple years. I can’t really remember what it’s called but I’ll look.

My other WIP is a SHEILD beanie. The logo for the intelligence agency mentioned in the Marvel movies is emblazoned on the front. I have all the colorwork done and I’m just starting the decreases. The yarn is a little over one skein of Caron Simply Soft and an unknown grey worsted weight yarn of an acrylic nature.



I think I’ll be sufficiently covered until Easter.

Oh Baby!

There are a couple of ways this title could go.

Oh Baby, there’s a lot of snow!


We have about two feet of snow and there’s more falling today. The birds are fighting over the birdseed and Persephone is having way too much  fun watching them.


Oh Baby, there are a lot of babies!

It seems like everyone is having babies right now. My math teach Mrs. K is having  a baby girl in the middle of March and Rosie will be getting a new baby sister in the beginning of May. A bit further down the road, the wife of a friend of mine will be having a baby in August as well.  My biggest challenge would be to figure out what the heck one makes a spring baby. Sweaters and hats won’t get nearly as much use as if the baby was born in the fall so, I decided to make some toys.

I started with some garter knit squares.


And added some stuffing and rattles that I bought on etsy from American Felt and Craft.


I waved my magic knitting wand and poof! They turned into adorable little rabbits (by Artsy Fartsy Mama).


With huge pompom tails.


And they want to go outside and play in the snow.


As a ‘Big Sister’ gift for Rosie I’m planning on knitting a medium-sized bear from Emma King’s The Best-Dressed Knitted Bear and lengthening the ears so it becomes a rabbit. For the baby due in August I’m going to knit a bear as well and, if it’s a boy, I’m going to make it a cowboy outfit. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do for a girl. The best part about knitting for babies is that everything is so small.

FO Finally

You would think that this year, with only one knitted gift, I’d be a little more on top of things. Nope. With one week until our family leaves for our Christmas vacation I’m scrambling to get everything done. I have to pack and a whole lot of other craziness (why didn’t I realize that becoming a teacher would require so much paperwork)


I blocked Reid Saturday. Sewed it together Sunday and, after hours of cursing and fiddling I had the border crocheted on. Hallelujah, it was done! This cardigan has given me more issues than any other project I have ever worked on. The finishing instructions were virtually non-existent and there was no schematic for the fronts. I had no idea how big the arm holes were supposed to be or how far across I was supposed to seam.



Last week I got my first ever commission. An acquaintance requested a black and green and red hat. He’d pay ten dollars he said. Since I already had the yarn in my stash I agreed. Well let me tell you I whipped that sucker out in two days.


I know it’ll stand up to the bitter nineteen degrees that has become the norm around here because it can stand up on its own.


I got this adorable crocheted owl hat at a local craft fair to give to Rosie along with Reid. I figured that she should get something she could use right away since Reid is more of a spring cardigan.


For Christmas my Aunt sent me these three books about knitting. I’m working on ‘Knitting Yarns.’ I’m trying to pace myself but it’s difficult. It’s just so good! It’s a collection of varying essays on knitting. Most are personal. One’s historical. There’s even a poem. Not to mention the patterns scattered throughout.


I wound up the Borealis last knit. This is going to be my commuter knitting. I’m envisioning a cowl or some sort of neck warmer because, around here, sometimes scarves just don’t cut it.


I’ve been working on Reid for a week or so now and I’ve been making some good progress.


I have the back and the left front done. I started the right front last night. I’ve been putting in a lifeline at the end of every lace repeat (sixteen rows). There are so. many. lifelines.


The lace is starting to look like it’s supposed to, which is good, because when I started, it just looked like hole-y fabric. Kinda chewed on actually.


It’s sideways but you can see the diamonds a little. It’ll open up more once I block it (I hope).

Christmas Knitting… Finally

It’s that time of year. I’ve started my Christmas knitting! This year the only thing I’m knitting specifically knitting for Christmas is a sweater for my niece. It’s called Reid. It’s by Brooke T. Higgins and you can find it on Knitty.com for free (of course) if you click on the little linky back aways. I’m using Berrocco Weekend DK. It has very nice stitch definition.  It’s all lace so I’ve been progressing slowly since I cast in on Tuesday.


Swatching, Tuesday. I was on-gauge the very first try!


I always forget how to SSK from one project to the next.


I’m on the fifth row of the second lace repeat out of 6 total.

It’s pretty easy, for lace, and only occasionally do I find myself having to unpick a section, having forgotten to YO at one point. That’s my biggest problem. Those pesky YOs.

I fogot to show you a skein from my last trip to the yarn store.


I’m thinking of (another) slouchy hat called Double Double. What do you think?

Away but Busy

Hello hello hello! I am so sorry, once again, for disappearing. This time I was away. I got home today after work. I attacked the housework and unpacking and snapped the needed pictures (That’s why they all look similar. They were taken on my kitchen table.) I have been busy for the past two weeks. Much busier than I normally am on a trip like this.


I finished Libra II and I am about to open the test so check out my ravelry group if you’re interested. (ignore the camera strap. It’s hard to take pictures one-handed.)


I knitted up these babies for my mom. It’s one skein of Sidar Snuggly Crofter 50g, 179 yds (265 m) , 55% Nylon 45% Acrylic. I even had yarn to spare, which I gave to one of the ladies at the local lys where I was staying. Very friendly folks.  They wouldn’t have to be blocked but I’m going to in order to even out some of the ribbing.


I finished Rod (last night actually) I need to trim the ends down and block him as well but I really like the way it turned out.


I bought this skein of faux fur yarn to make a scarf for the woman I stayed with. She requested the yarn specifically, and who am I to deny her?

Blog Hop (Part II)

It has been a month since the blog hop started. Everyone in the blog hop was supposed to try and finish as many W.I.P.s as they could. My goal was to knit up a hat for my friend, Taylor in that month. I had a skein of Cascade 128 Superwash in the colorway ‘Jet’. I thought I knew what I wanted. A slouch guy-y beanie. It went from  this:


to this:


to, finally, this:


Taaa-daaa! Dropped stitches!


I was amazed at how soft the yarn got after it’s blocking bath. It was soft before but know it’s like wearing a cloud on your head.


I didn’t finish the pattern yet because I do not hat any pictures of it being worn. But I will soon!

So, how was your blog hop?