Gingko Shawlette: a Journey

I finished the Gingko Crescent shawlette yesterday and… what? I didn’t even take any ‘real’ pictures of it, I was so busy. Sorry. So, today, we’re going to try something new. I’m going to build a post entirely around the pictures I posted to Instagram of it.


I cast on Thursday night and took this picture of what I so far Friday morning.


I worked on it on and off all weekend and posted this picture Monday afternoon while I was on a road trip. I was probably 3/4 of the way through the stockinette body.


I posted this later that night at the hotel once I had finished the body. I admit I was rather scared to start the lace since I had never been completely happy with any lace I’ve ever knitted.


Tuesday night on the car ride home I worked the first ten rows of lace before it got too dark to see. I took this picture Wednesday morning at home. I was loving the lace. Even though I had started it at the amusement park while waiting for others to get off the roller coasters it was turning out great.


Yesterday morning I finished it and immediately wanted to take a picture of it, unblocked as it was.


Last night, just before I went to bed, I posted this picture of it while it was blocking. I let it dry overnight and, even though it wasn’t exactly shaped as specified I was very happy with it.


This picture I posted this morning once it was dry. The middle part where the original cast on was has reverted to its original snap a little. I might re-block it but since it’s going to be against my neck it might just leave it. I absolutely live this project. It has to be my favorite thing that I’ve knitted so far and proof to myself that I can, in fact, knit lace and be satisfied with it.

A New Year

With the new year a little over a day old I decided that maybe I should think about what I wanted to different knitting-wise this year. I would like to add one square each day to the Blanket. It ,unfortunately, has been languishing in a box next to my chair for a couple months. I added a square last night while my brother and I were watching a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I’ll post pictures once in a while to show some progress. Another goal of mine for this year is to knit a weather scarf. That is, to add a row (or two perhaps) each day based on the weather. I’ve color coded ten degree increments and  will continuously add onto it. I’m imagining a sort of Doctor Who-ish scarf. Very long and very warm.

While I was on vacation  with my family I knitted up my first pair of toe-up socks. I knitted up a pair in Claudia Hand Painted yarns (100% extra fine merino wool, at 175 yards a skein I used just over one skein) with about five inch cuff in a K3 P3 ribbing. I used the universal toe-up sock pattern posted on I absolutely loved these socks. The pattern allows you to customize the patterns using a series of simple step by step instructions.


In the background you can see the snow. We’re expecting anywhere from  3 to 9 inches tonight and tomorrow. I’ll be glad to bundle up with my afghan and all my wips. 😉

On the plane ride home I knit a cowl from the borealis yarn. I did the entire thing (not counting swatching) while we were in the air. It kept my sanity while the baby in front of me would not stop screaming.  I know I was planning on knitting a hat but as I was reading ,on ravelry, comments about the yarn I noticed that a lot of people were saying it wouldn’t stretch and/or bounce back. In short, it had no elasticity. That turned me off from knitting a hat.


I decided on a cowl because, in this climate, sometimes a scarf just doesn’t cut it. I could wear a cowl underneath to keep any spots that the scarf doesn’t cover warm. Like tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be -3 degrees Fahrenheit. I cast on with a K2 P2 ribbing, hoping that it would lend the yarn some bounce. It did very nicely. I cast on about…. 64 stitches and just knit until it felt long enough and bound off using the YO bind off to keep it from being too tight to pull over my head. I even managed to seam it up before we began our descent.

Bleacher knitting

I’ve been trying like mad to finish the Podster gloves. I would really like to get back to the Blanket. It’s calling my name… To expedite the progress I’ve been kiping nearly every day.

On Saturday I went to a local Fireworks show.


I knitted until the first strains of Angry American by Toby Keith came from the Pa system.


The right mitten at the end of the thumb gusset increases.

Teusday I KIPed at the library. I was trying to finish the right glove.

Once I finished the fingers and the thumb on the right hand I started to fix the left thumb.

I have this habit. Of not reading the entire pattern before I cast on. I had, the fist time, knit the basic thumb right in the pattern. This time I decided “I’m going to design a thumb hood.” Problem solved. When I was working on the right glove I noticed instructions for a thumb that can be opened.

Now I was unraveling to start that part over.


As I was re-knitting the thumb I realized that I was going to be short on yarn. I didn’t want to have a knot in my thumb so I tried out a trick I learned from Glenna C. the knitter who published Podster gloves. It only works if you have wool yarn. I thought mine was around 70% but I wasn’t sure.

Basically you felt your yarn ends together with your um… saliva.


The first try I accidentally tried to felt together my working yarn with the end of yarn on the cuff of the left glove I had out as a visual reference. Oops


The second time it worked perfectly.

That night some friends and I went to a local baseball game.


I was happily doing some more bleacher knitting. We were winning. I even joked I’d have the right mitten top done that night with only finishing to do after that. I was about to start the decreases. the downhill slide. Of course all that good Karma couldn’t last. Because then, I realized

I had two left gloves.


That’s right I had picked up stitches on the wrong side of the glove.

I frogged back to the beginning and started over. Here’s where I am now.


You may have noticed that I’m back at the library. I forgot to get another bleacher picture last night. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish them tonight or tomorrow.

I Vant To Donate My Blood!!

For the past two years (this makes three) I have been volunteering at the Blood Drives held by the Red Cross. Before I have always been able to work for a half day. This year though, I was able to take off a whole day of work, so I helped out all day. There were three of us who weren’t running the registration or nurses. We escorted the donators from the beds to the “canteen” where they  could have snacks, keep an eye on people to make sure they were feeling ok and help if they did faint (three people did go down, I have rudimentary first-aid skills but… I’m glad the nurses were there), keep the snack tables well stocked (We did make quite a few PB&Js), and generally help out where ever we were needed.



I originally wanted to take my spinning but that would have been too difficult to pick up and put down as frequently as I needed to. I ended up taking a skein of Sensations Cuddle with me  and cast on for a hat.


178 stitches… Oy vey. I like the way it’s coming along though.  Where did you knit in public today?

I was filling the bird feeders a couple of days ago. It was icy, windy, and cold. I think I got more birdseed on the ground that anywhere else. Look what I noticed.


I guess they don’t realize that it’s 26 degrees Farenheit during the day and 14 degrees Farenheit at night.

Chicken Dip!

Hello all! I am feeling a little more like a fellow homo sapien, rather than something that crawled out of the sewers. Amid all of the Super Bowl hustle and bustle (black Outs, Safeties…)  there was chicken dip (so much chicken dip!) and knitting. I managed to knit the whole time. I had swatched on saturday night and I started in earnest just before kickoff.


That’s 83 sts and 16 rows.

I also have a few more acquisitions from Saturday to share.


This is Anya. I bought her (plus her hands) at a thrift store. Total impulse buy. I saw her and thought of Franklin Habit’s Victorian Doll Dress . I’m planning on maybe making her into an angel for the top of a christmas tree. Here’s another picture, it’s to dark to see the colors well in but I really like it so I’m going to post it anyway.


I also bought a small scale.


I’m planning to use it for measuring when making new dyes. Also, here’s a new skein for the February Design It! contest.


I’m thinking a scarf…

“Like a Bag of peanuts”

Unfortunately this weekend (due to a very cute baby) I didn’t get as much knitting done as I had planned. To quote Grandpa she was getting passed around “like a bag of peanuts”. Which were also getting passed around the campfire quite a bit. So instead of being done with the second sock I am knitting a heel flap.

The row counter says 17. That means I’m 1/2 done with the heel flap. That was Tuesday night. Now I’m on about row 24.

My Week in Review

Spring is a lovely time of year. It is the time of year that makes me want to get stuff done. So here’s my week in review.

Sunday, Here’s part one of Men’s Socks (Again).

Here it is again on Tuesday. All done <insert YAY here>

Yesterday I went to an outdoor Jazz concert at our local park. It was put on by the local middleschool and highschool jazz bands.


Here’s the second socks as of about thirty minutes ago.

How did your week go?

Stealth Knitting

This Saturday I went to a wedding. We had people in out family in the wedding. I was there two hours early with nothing to do. Check that I had a brand new W.I.P to attend to.

The Simple Small Bear

Now seeing as I was at a church and I forgot my row counter at home this is my improved row counting method…

Aint that just the cutest?

Here it is after I put it away last night, I finished the body and am working on the head now.

Of course I found some time to work on C.D.&H


Panels A and C are actually flipped around if you look at the first picture… Woops

Why knitting and soccer don’t mix

Today I went to a soccer game. I am not the an expert on soccer so I took the Podster gloves with me. As the game progressed I noticed that the spectators were becoming increasingly more and more noisy. The screams of “off sides off sides” and “follow the ball blue” increased in frequency at a rate directly proportional to the lack of appropriate calls by the ref. The apex was I think, when the other teams’ coach said to the ref “we were really offsides”.  As we fell further and further behind I could feel the fans staring at my needles. I held the gloves closer to me and slouched in my seat. I began to fear for my dpns. If things got violent enough I am sure that my needles would have been used as weapons. I’m just glad I wasn’t knitting a sweater with size twelve needles. That might have made things a little bloody…    Oh yeah this was a game played by twelve-year olds…

Here is my left hand glove at home safe and sound

I’m just about to start the thumb.