My Designs

Alert: As of 11/10/14 the only patterns available are the ones you can find through my Ravelry store. The White Cap and E-String are no longer available but I cannot figure out how to remove them from my store. They are still there but there is no link to a pattern. This blog is no longer active and I’m very sorry for any inconveniences.


Fern Pattern


Macho Mechanic Scarf

Rebel Bracelet

Falling Leaves


Bow Wow Beanie




The White Cap

Strawberry Plant  IMG_1641

Strawberry Mittens




E String ODT


6 thoughts on “My Designs

    • It should be on the My Designs page. If you downloaded the link try opening it in wordpad. If that doesn’t work I can just email it to you. Sorry it took so long to respond. My tablet was giving me an error message every time I tried to comment but it wouldn’t tell me who.

      • I’m very sorry. I was unable to excavate it from my old laptop. I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I’ve been very bus with schoolwork and am not that computer literate. I will be taking down from the website and again, I’m very sorry.

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