I joined Craftsy.com the other day. I downloaded the free lesson on short rows so I am thinking that will be my goal for March; to master short rows. I’m thinking using them for a heel of a sock.  Peresphone had a checkup at the Vet today so we had a busy morning.

IMG_1405  IMG_1408

The other night I made some dye out of radish skins.


I can’t wait to try it. I made it up so I’m not sure how it will work but if you want to try it here’s the recipie:

  1. Chop up the skins of four radishes.
  2. Place two cups of water into a saucepan and boil them
  3. Add the radish skins and let them boil for ten minutes.
  4. Add 1/4 cup of water and simeer the skins and water for another ten minute (With the lid on the pot).
  5. Let sit over night.
  6. Strain out skins.
  7. Save until ready to use.

*Note- this does not make much dye to the water boiling off. I’m not sure whether I’ll add more water when I use it or simply make more.

I finished my second hot pad.


I am making one more, it’s simple garter stitch. I’m planning to felt it.

100th Post

My last project avoided buttons entirely, using snaps to fasten the baby sweater together. My newest project is the complete opposite. It has three button holes! One of which I had to sew (it was not a pretty picture). Anyway here’s Conversation Hearts (Button holes and all):


It’s an iPod case. The background is based of the Eye Spy books.

First I placed the pink backdrop; in this case a scarf and a sweater.


Second I placed the large flat items on top of the backdrop.


Then I layered the large 3-D items.


Next I added the small items


Lastly I situated the case and took pictures. Experimenting with different filters.

I started a second hot pad. This one is seed stitch. I never really liked seed stitch. I could never make it look right. I’d lose count of my knits and purls and end up with sections of stockinette stitch. This time though it clicked. It’s been easy and it’s looking great. I finally figured it out; it’s columns of knit stitches and columns of purl stitches. It staggers the ridges that come with garter stitch.


Chicken Dip!

Hello all! I am feeling a little more like a fellow homo sapien, rather than something that crawled out of the sewers. Amid all of the Super Bowl hustle and bustle (black Outs, Safeties…)  there was chicken dip (so much chicken dip!) and knitting. I managed to knit the whole time. I had swatched on saturday night and I started in earnest just before kickoff.


That’s 83 sts and 16 rows.

I also have a few more acquisitions from Saturday to share.


This is Anya. I bought her (plus her hands) at a thrift store. Total impulse buy. I saw her and thought of Franklin Habit’s Victorian Doll Dress . I’m planning on maybe making her into an angel for the top of a christmas tree. Here’s another picture, it’s to dark to see the colors well in but I really like it so I’m going to post it anyway.


I also bought a small scale.


I’m planning to use it for measuring when making new dyes. Also, here’s a new skein for the February Design It! contest.


I’m thinking a scarf…

How Much is the Doggy…

Friday night, after supper (tacos), after the dishes were washed, I put on Billy Joel and sat down to write Bow-wow Beanie. It is the pattern for my Design it! group November entry.

Sorry it’s sideways. If you want, you can vote for me in the Design It! Group in the November Design contes mini voting thread. Thanks!

For The Love of Cables Pt. 7 (Multitasking)

I should have my blinders on, charging down the straightaway toward Christmas, FTLOC in one hand, Jess’s bag in the other but yet again I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I went to the yarn store and this what I bought:

Some of that is for Christmas ornaments and the green and white and dark brown yarn is for Jess’s jewelry bag. On another note: my mother bought this lamp. Does it remind any one else of this pattern by Franklin Habit. I was talking to Patrice and she confirmed that fruit was in style in the mid 1,900s. She and her mother spent a lot of time crocheting grape themed doilies. On another note, I’ve decided to make a yarn bomb tag called Mr. Dino Rawr. Make of that what you want. I’m planning to leave it when I visit my brother’s family for thanksgiving. If I have time to finish it, that is. Here’s my progress on FTLOC, I’m almost done!

I forgot the picture of the lamp, sigh, Christmas can’t come to soon.


Kinda Nervous

Last night I submitted my pattern to Knitty.com . I almost didn’t send it in… Then I told myself what’s the worst that can happen? They can say “no”. That isn’t so bad isn’t it? No nuclear explosion, no apocalypse, or God knows what. Still I’m kinda nervous. Here are some pictures:

Here is a little hat, it is called umbilical cord. I started it a while ago. I put it down after I realized that when you cable your gauge changes. Ooops… I think I’ll get it out at restart it. I have some ideas. Wish me luck on the restart!

7 Things I Learned From Spending A Week With A Baby

  1. Babies do not slap themselves in the face, they’re just agitatedly signing “food”.
  2. Opening and closing your fist means “milk” pumping your fist up and down is how you get truck drivers to honk.
  3. If You’re Happy and You Know It and The ABCs are songs that bring joy to the world.
  4. It’s an Uh – Oh even if you do it on purpose.
  5. Just because standing is difficult that doesn’t mean sitting is preferred.
  6. Once a yarn ball is figured out it won’t stay a ball for long.
  7. More means “gimme food” even if you haven’t had any yet (especially if the food is yummy donuts)

Yes, I learned a lot that week. I was serving a family at lunch the other day and a little girl was signing “more”. It was one of those things that absolutely makes you smile. Sorry I haven’t posted about any projects lately but I want to submit a certain project to Knitty.com and you can’t post about it before hand so… If it gets in you’ll hear me screaming wherever you live. Promise there will be knitty – goodness next time. 😉

A Knitting Safari

Yesterday I had written I dinky little post about how I was so insane, but because my laptop was spazzing out it didn’t post it. In a way I’m glad. I t was rather pathetic. I am now ashamed of said post. I just didn’t have anything to write about. Today I do.

I just love seeing knitted goodies out in the wild. Now keep that in mind and it will make sense. I was working this afternoon and I was waiting on a nice lady who was wearing a wonderful red sweater. I asked her (because that’s the kind of person I am) if she had knitted the sweater herself. She told me she hadn’t knitted in a couple of years because her arthritis in her back was bad. She said it  was calming. Such a sweet lady. The sweater was pretty sweet too. I had bobbles and a basket weave pattern. There was some k1 p1 ribbing. The yarn was fire engine red and it looked so so soft. I wish I had a picture.

Today I was sketching out a new design. This one is called FrankenSkein I’m not sure where or if I’ve heard the term before but It stuck. It’s a child’s toy or decoration. I figure it won’t be out for a while seeing as I still have many gifts to knit. I think this post is better than the one that wasn’t meant to be.

Ps. I just realized that post was saved as a page, go figure