Busy Work

Hello everyone! I’m back, finally. Wow, where did the weeks go? I have just been so busy. The Super Snuggly Sweater has grown a tiny bit.


Obviously as a sweater consisting of mainly stockinette stitch it isn’t going to be that interesting to blog about but I shall try to keep you informed.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had any time for knitting really. I’m determined to finish my SSP today and the Kumpel pattern. I need to do some swatching believe it or not.


The yarn is the Lamb’s Pride Worsted I dyed last spring. The colorway was see-saw.

I also wove in the ends of the Podster 2.0s today, now that it’s getting cold enough to use them.

I’m not a brig fan of the finishing steps. Sewing pieces together is worse but weaving in your ends is a close second. It, for me, alternates from cathartic and wanting to snap my darning needle in half. I’m one of those knitters that won’t fix a mistake unless it’s really obvious or compromises the integrity of the FO. As I was weaving in ends I noticed a few mistakes on the inside.


It looks like I dropped stitches and then, when I picked them up, I didn’t re-knit them back up. That is something I would normally fix. I found a couple more spots where I did the same thing. Between  that and an end that was only about a half-inch long it makes me wonder what the heck I was doing.

I promise the next post will be longer and I will have at least one pattern published and some new social networking news.



I have a confession to make. I finished Podster 2.0 last Friday. So sorry for holding out on you all. Here’s the official FO photos.





I was kind of waiting for the chance to ask someone to photograph my hands but I got impatient. We’ve all been super busy.

I did, however manage to start another square on the Blanket.


It’s the yarn I dyed with the mint. I love the way it looks between the blue and the purple.


Bleacher knitting

I’ve been trying like mad to finish the Podster gloves. I would really like to get back to the Blanket. It’s calling my name… To expedite the progress I’ve been kiping nearly every day.

On Saturday I went to a local Fireworks show.


I knitted until the first strains of Angry American by Toby Keith came from the Pa system.


The right mitten at the end of the thumb gusset increases.

Teusday I KIPed at the library. I was trying to finish the right glove.

Once I finished the fingers and the thumb on the right hand I started to fix the left thumb.

I have this habit. Of not reading the entire pattern before I cast on. I had, the fist time, knit the basic thumb right in the pattern. This time I decided “I’m going to design a thumb hood.” Problem solved. When I was working on the right glove I noticed instructions for a thumb that can be opened.

Now I was unraveling to start that part over.


As I was re-knitting the thumb I realized that I was going to be short on yarn. I didn’t want to have a knot in my thumb so I tried out a trick I learned from Glenna C. the knitter who published Podster gloves. It only works if you have wool yarn. I thought mine was around 70% but I wasn’t sure.

Basically you felt your yarn ends together with your um… saliva.


The first try I accidentally tried to felt together my working yarn with the end of yarn on the cuff of the left glove I had out as a visual reference. Oops


The second time it worked perfectly.

That night some friends and I went to a local baseball game.


I was happily doing some more bleacher knitting. We were winning. I even joked I’d have the right mitten top done that night with only finishing to do after that. I was about to start the decreases. the downhill slide. Of course all that good Karma couldn’t last. Because then, I realized

I had two left gloves.


That’s right I had picked up stitches on the wrong side of the glove.

I frogged back to the beginning and started over. Here’s where I am now.


You may have noticed that I’m back at the library. I forgot to get another bleacher picture last night. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish them tonight or tomorrow.


I’ve been working with yarn a lot lately. I’ve been spinning and dyeing and, of couse, knitting.


Here’s my sock yarn after a dyeing it with mint and adding an iron after-mordant. Grey. The book said it would be teal or grey. I was really hoping for teal. Maybe the ph of my water had something to do with it?


I’ve been working on some mint solar dye. It’s leftovers from before. There hasn’t been much solar action lately, so it’s slow going.

I’ve been spinning more of the Alpaca/Silk. I’m trying to finish up the 2 oz.


Depending on how much I get, I might be buying more. I really want to knit a shawl out of it. I’ve been surfing around, but I’m not sure if I’ve seen anything I like. I have never knit a shawl before so I don’t know if this is a good project to try to design… Thoughts?

Here’s the first skein after its bath.




The yarn has fluffed up quite a bit. It has a bit of a halo. I love how soft and fuzzy it is. I don’t think I’ll be dyeing it; I like the colors the way they are.

I’ve been getting some KIP time with the Podster 2.0 gloves. I’m on the cuff of the second.


The angle of the picture makes the cuff look super long but it is actually about 2 & 1/2 inches. About one inch to go.