Kinda Nervous

Last night I submitted my pattern to . I almost didn’t send it in… Then I told myself what’s the worst that can happen? They can say “no”. That isn’t so bad isn’t it? No nuclear explosion, no apocalypse, or God knows what. Still I’m kinda nervous. Here are some pictures:

Here is a little hat, it is called umbilical cord. I started it a while ago. I put it down after I realized that when you cable your gauge changes. Ooops… I think I’ll get it out at restart it. I have some ideas. Wish me luck on the restart!

A Beautiful Tradition

One of the days we were in Peru  we went to a little village where the inhabitants make yarn and weavings by hand the traditional way. Here are some pictures of the magic. (roll your mouse over the picture to get a description)



I learned so much from the demonstration, I am no longer impressed by my own feeble spinning attempts. Although our guide was very impressed when I mention that I could spin. These women are carrying great traditions, and living the was their ancestors did to keep the skills alive.  Their weavings and yarn are so intracate. I am truely impressed forever by these women.