Bleacher knitting

I’ve been trying like mad to finish the Podster gloves. I would really like to get back to the Blanket. It’s calling my name… To expedite the progress I’ve been kiping nearly every day.

On Saturday I went to a local Fireworks show.


I knitted until the first strains of Angry American by Toby Keith came from the Pa system.


The right mitten at the end of the thumb gusset increases.

Teusday I KIPed at the library. I was trying to finish the right glove.

Once I finished the fingers and the thumb on the right hand I started to fix the left thumb.

I have this habit. Of not reading the entire pattern before I cast on. I had, the fist time, knit the basic thumb right in the pattern. This time I decided “I’m going to design a thumb hood.” Problem solved. When I was working on the right glove I noticed instructions for a thumb that can be opened.

Now I was unraveling to start that part over.


As I was re-knitting the thumb I realized that I was going to be short on yarn. I didn’t want to have a knot in my thumb so I tried out a trick I learned from Glenna C. the knitter who published Podster gloves. It only works if you have wool yarn. I thought mine was around 70% but I wasn’t sure.

Basically you felt your yarn ends together with your um… saliva.


The first try I accidentally tried to felt together my working yarn with the end of yarn on the cuff of the left glove I had out as a visual reference. Oops


The second time it worked perfectly.

That night some friends and I went to a local baseball game.


I was happily doing some more bleacher knitting. We were winning. I even joked I’d have the right mitten top done that night with only finishing to do after that. I was about to start the decreases. the downhill slide. Of course all that good Karma couldn’t last. Because then, I realized

I had two left gloves.


That’s right I had picked up stitches on the wrong side of the glove.

I frogged back to the beginning and started over. Here’s where I am now.


You may have noticed that I’m back at the library. I forgot to get another bleacher picture last night. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish them tonight or tomorrow.