A New Year

With the new year a little over a day old I decided that maybe I should think about what I wanted to different knitting-wise this year. I would like to add one square each day to the Blanket. It ,unfortunately, has been languishing in a box next to my chair for a couple months. I added a square last night while my brother and I were watching a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I’ll post pictures once in a while to show some progress. Another goal of mine for this year is to knit a weather scarf. That is, to add a row (or two perhaps) each day based on the weather. I’ve color coded ten degree increments and  will continuously add onto it. I’m imagining a sort of Doctor Who-ish scarf. Very long and very warm.

While I was on vacation  with my family I knitted up my first pair of toe-up socks. I knitted up a pair in Claudia Hand Painted yarns (100% extra fine merino wool, at 175 yards a skein I used just over one skein) with about five inch cuff in a K3 P3 ribbing. I used the universal toe-up sock pattern posted on knitty.com. I absolutely loved these socks. The pattern allows you to customize the patterns using a series of simple step by step instructions.


In the background you can see the snow. We’re expecting anywhere from  3 to 9 inches tonight and tomorrow. I’ll be glad to bundle up with my afghan and all my wips. 😉

On the plane ride home I knit a cowl from the borealis yarn. I did the entire thing (not counting swatching) while we were in the air. It kept my sanity while the baby in front of me would not stop screaming.  I know I was planning on knitting a hat but as I was reading ,on ravelry, comments about the yarn I noticed that a lot of people were saying it wouldn’t stretch and/or bounce back. In short, it had no elasticity. That turned me off from knitting a hat.


I decided on a cowl because, in this climate, sometimes a scarf just doesn’t cut it. I could wear a cowl underneath to keep any spots that the scarf doesn’t cover warm. Like tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be -3 degrees Fahrenheit. I cast on with a K2 P2 ribbing, hoping that it would lend the yarn some bounce. It did very nicely. I cast on about…. 64 stitches and just knit until it felt long enough and bound off using the YO bind off to keep it from being too tight to pull over my head. I even managed to seam it up before we began our descent.

Kinda Nervous

Last night I submitted my pattern to Knitty.com . I almost didn’t send it in… Then I told myself what’s the worst that can happen? They can say “no”. That isn’t so bad isn’t it? No nuclear explosion, no apocalypse, or God knows what. Still I’m kinda nervous. Here are some pictures:

Here is a little hat, it is called umbilical cord. I started it a while ago. I put it down after I realized that when you cable your gauge changes. Ooops… I think I’ll get it out at restart it. I have some ideas. Wish me luck on the restart!

7 Things I Learned From Spending A Week With A Baby

  1. Babies do not slap themselves in the face, they’re just agitatedly signing “food”.
  2. Opening and closing your fist means “milk” pumping your fist up and down is how you get truck drivers to honk.
  3. If You’re Happy and You Know It and The ABCs are songs that bring joy to the world.
  4. It’s an Uh – Oh even if you do it on purpose.
  5. Just because standing is difficult that doesn’t mean sitting is preferred.
  6. Once a yarn ball is figured out it won’t stay a ball for long.
  7. More means “gimme food” even if you haven’t had any yet (especially if the food is yummy donuts)

Yes, I learned a lot that week. I was serving a family at lunch the other day and a little girl was signing “more”. It was one of those things that absolutely makes you smile. Sorry I haven’t posted about any projects lately but I want to submit a certain project to Knitty.com and you can’t post about it before hand so… If it gets in you’ll hear me screaming wherever you live. Promise there will be knitty – goodness next time. 😉

The Base of the Mountain

I’ve started a new scarf. For whatever reason the projects I have on my plate aren’t enough… Ah well here it is. It is the shawl from knitty.com called Summit. I simply modified the patter to scarf shape rather than shawl size.


Here it is on  my lap in front of the Tv.