Who I am

I was thinking this afternoon (as I was chugging away on Summit) about something my mother had asked me a few weeks ago. We were discussing Summit , the conversation went something like this

Me: I started a new scarf, It’s awesome.

Mom: You started another project?

Me: Yep.

Mom: You never finish a project do you? You just keep starting them.

Me: So?

Now, my dear mother is a non-knitter so I do not begrudge  her this. It’s simply the way I am. Right now I’m writing this and commenting on a blog. It’s just that I start a pattern and as I’m working I see something else I would love to knit. So I start it. So when someone asks “You’re working on another scarf?” I just say

“Yes. Yes I am.”

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

(ps. I spell checked this and used the word ‘something’ three times and each time I spelled it wrong. <shakes head>)

The Base of the Mountain

I’ve started a new scarf. For whatever reason the projects I have on my plate aren’t enough… Ah well here it is. It is the shawl from knitty.com called Summit. I simply modified the patter to scarf shape rather than shawl size.


Here it is on  my lap in front of the Tv.

Finish Line

I finished the Simple Small Bear.  Here’s what it looks like:


Of course I have no stuffing so right now it is a simple shell. In case anyone is interested in the uber soft yarn I used it is as follows:  Tinker Bell by Peter Pan. It is 50% Acrylic and 50% Nylon. I used less than on skein. Hope everyone else is having as much success as I am. Anyway I started a new scarf for whatever reason. I also will be needing to be making some more baby gifts, sweaters I think. Anyone have any good ideas?

Just A Note To Say…

Well I’ve been working on the bear’s leg on and off. My Step Sister Renata has been excepted to Penn State to get her master’s degree there. I’m planning a blue and white scarf for her birthday this summer. Not much else to say than “I promise next time I post the bear will be an FO” (there you have it in writing, or erm typing) even if it’s not stuffed the pieces will be finished. Ok well nothing else to say. I promise next time the post will be longer and with pictures…