I’ve been working on Reid for a week or so now and I’ve been making some good progress.


I have the back and the left front done. I started the right front last night. I’ve been putting in a lifeline at the end of every lace repeat (sixteen rows). There are so. many. lifelines.


The lace is starting to look like it’s supposed to, which is good, because when I started, it just looked like hole-y fabric. Kinda chewed on actually.


It’s sideways but you can see the diamonds a little. It’ll open up more once I block it (I hope).

A Made in China Giveaway

This is just a quick repost to show some of the adorable things this blogger found while in China.


One of my favorite pastimes in China was shopping in local markets. The chaotic aisles and aggressive salespeople in the touristy markets got old after a while. The local markets were much calmer. They were still busy but mostly filled with locals who needed basic household items. While haggling was still expected, the starting prices were usually much more reasonable.

As I wandered the aisles, I found these bags that I thought would be perfect for knitting projects. There were all sorts of patterns and color schemes. The size is just right for 4-5 balls of yarn and a small project, like a hat or scarf.

China Knitting Bag

I love the drawstring top and inside zippered catchall pocket.

China Knitting Bag Drawstring
China Knitting Bag Interior

It’s easy to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth. It has this nifty side pocket for needles or a pattern.

China Knitting Bag Outside Pocket

Then I came across these tin pencil boxes. Some had hinged lids…

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Christmas Knitting… Finally

It’s that time of year. I’ve started my Christmas knitting! This year the only thing I’m knitting specifically knitting for Christmas is a sweater for my niece. It’s called Reid. It’s by Brooke T. Higgins and you can find it on for free (of course) if you click on the little linky back aways. I’m using Berrocco Weekend DK. It has very nice stitch definition.  It’s all lace so I’ve been progressing slowly since I cast in on Tuesday.


Swatching, Tuesday. I was on-gauge the very first try!


I always forget how to SSK from one project to the next.


I’m on the fifth row of the second lace repeat out of 6 total.

It’s pretty easy, for lace, and only occasionally do I find myself having to unpick a section, having forgotten to YO at one point. That’s my biggest problem. Those pesky YOs.

I fogot to show you a skein from my last trip to the yarn store.


I’m thinking of (another) slouchy hat called Double Double. What do you think?

Away but Busy

Hello hello hello! I am so sorry, once again, for disappearing. This time I was away. I got home today after work. I attacked the housework and unpacking and snapped the needed pictures (That’s why they all look similar. They were taken on my kitchen table.) I have been busy for the past two weeks. Much busier than I normally am on a trip like this.


I finished Libra II and I am about to open the test so check out my ravelry group if you’re interested. (ignore the camera strap. It’s hard to take pictures one-handed.)


I knitted up these babies for my mom. It’s one skein of Sidar Snuggly Crofter 50g, 179 yds (265 m) , 55% Nylon 45% Acrylic. I even had yarn to spare, which I gave to one of the ladies at the local lys where I was staying. Very friendly folks.  They wouldn’t have to be blocked but I’m going to in order to even out some of the ribbing.


I finished Rod (last night actually) I need to trim the ends down and block him as well but I really like the way it turned out.


I bought this skein of faux fur yarn to make a scarf for the woman I stayed with. She requested the yarn specifically, and who am I to deny her?