Well they said title was (optional)

Ok, here are the pictures of Men’s Socks totally done!


Of course no rest for the weary… So here is my newest cast on… A scarf for my stepfather. It is (as you can see) black. The red writing will turn into his favorite brand of tools (their logo I mean to say). It ,I hopes will be sufficiantly macho for Mr. Mechanic.


Also, I am sad to say that I will not be posting for a couple of weeks as I am off on a nine day trip to Peru. I do not trust myself (Or other people for that matter) enough to take my laptop with me but I will post pictures when I return. I will also keep an eye out for some Peruvian yarn. Even though I am pretty sure that I will be the only one in out group of eight who will be looking. Also next time: puppy pictures. The two brothers are getting larger. Until next time, keep on knitting.

Treading water

Lately things have been  kinda crazy but I still have found time to knit (like in the car and in between madness). I am right in between a soccer game (we won 5 to 3) and an expedition to Lowes. Right now we’re parked at a McDonald’s and I’m about to consume a quarter pounder. I’ll see how man pictures I can put in before it’s time to leave.

Crepes for breakfast

I demonstrate the magical power of knitting needles by sticking it through a balloon without popping it…

This strawberry has given me an idea for a pattern…

Alas there are no pictures of men’s socks this week! But I am on the toe right now. Keep afloat my friends.