Slogging along

It’s raining right now. Rather than sit and knit while I watch the rain I decided to write about coming home. On Saturday we drove back home. on the five-hour drive I knitted on and off. I increasedby eight inches. I also increased Men’s Socks as well.

 Here’s a picture of the cuff. Knit 2 purl 1 ribbing that is.

We stopped at a thrift store on the way back. While I could not find any yarn or needles I did find some nice books. I found a copy of “Robin Hood” and a copy of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” from 1889. All in all it was a very nice day albeit it was spent driving.

To Give Thanks

Today is thanksgiving. At least it is for us in the U.S. Most of us are spending time with family and friends. I hope you all have had a lot of stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie, lots and lots of pumpkin pie. I had chocolate pie. The family’s all together, the T.V’s on, and we’re all 1/2 asleep from the turkey. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Good luck to any of you brave souls who plan to go shopping tomorrow. I think I’ll go work on Men’s Socks.

A Note From The Past

Today when I got home the adjective that could best describe the afternoon was “soggy”. The yard, the trees, everything. Perfect knitting weather. When I got inside I started the spaghetti sauce. By that time it was about 5:00, my yard looked like this:

 and this . Note the dear on the left. 😉 I sat down on the couch and keeping an eye on the clock I got down to business on the O.S.W. At 8:00 it looked like this:


Here it is at 9:00: I’m about to start the collar…

Here it is at 10:21 when it went from W.I.P to F.O:

 Here’s some pictures of it afterwards. This was the closest I had to an actual baby.   


*Note* this post was written on 11/14/11 but due to technical errors I was unable to post it until now. Thanks for being so patient.

I also finished Tychus. I’ll have some pictures of that next time.

Techincal Difficulties

Ok today I had planned to write this great post about how I had finished the O.S.W but due to technical difficulties I am unable to insert any new pictures… I will post said post soon, when I figure out what changed. I promise. I just wanted to say I didn’t forget about Spinayarn. Sorry again. I am not the most technically inclined person. I hope I will be able to post on sunday but it might be longer than that.

Um a post…

Today was a good day. I did knit quite a bit on. I sat around all day while I knitted. The Steelers won. Yep today was a good day. It looked like it was going to snow but it didn’t. Yes I like days like this. Days where things are so slow. I feel like I’m in a bubble. A quite peaceful bubble where there is no drama or stress. Just knitting. Lots and lots of knitting. 😉


Grandma’s Yarn?

As I blog I’m watching the Cmas. I was also knitting on <surpriseproject#1>. I restarted it I think twice tonight and six times total. I am just finding the lace so difficult. I was so excited when Luke Bryan sang “Shake it for me girl” because of one line: Tangle me up like grandma’s yarn, yeah, yeah, yeah. I want to scream “KNITTING!” whenever I hear it.

Here’s knitting’s moment in the spotlight

Here’s my lace pattern at the restart.  Anyway I hope if any of you are country fans you are watching too. If you all aren’t country music fans I hope you like my lace pattern.
By the way:  I just realized the is my twelfth post

A Knitting Safari

Yesterday I had written I dinky little post about how I was so insane, but because my laptop was spazzing out it didn’t post it. In a way I’m glad. I t was rather pathetic. I am now ashamed of said post. I just didn’t have anything to write about. Today I do.

I just love seeing knitted goodies out in the wild. Now keep that in mind and it will make sense. I was working this afternoon and I was waiting on a nice lady who was wearing a wonderful red sweater. I asked her (because that’s the kind of person I am) if she had knitted the sweater herself. She told me she hadn’t knitted in a couple of years because her arthritis in her back was bad. She said it  was calming. Such a sweet lady. The sweater was pretty sweet too. I had bobbles and a basket weave pattern. There was some k1 p1 ribbing. The yarn was fire engine red and it looked so so soft. I wish I had a picture.

Today I was sketching out a new design. This one is called FrankenSkein I’m not sure where or if I’ve heard the term before but It stuck. It’s a child’s toy or decoration. I figure it won’t be out for a while seeing as I still have many gifts to knit. I think this post is better than the one that wasn’t meant to be.

Ps. I just realized that post was saved as a page, go figure

Pick Your Own Battles

You know how I was saying get O.S.W by the 31st? Rather than for a baby I held said baby. Now it’s time for me to eat crow. Here’s O.S.W lurking in my knitting basket:

here’s what it looked like the last time I worked on it:

All that’s left is the sleeve and the collar

Here’s more of the same with Tychus (I swear I have been working on it even if the backgrounds looks suspiciously similar)

On another note Glenna C was discussing her attempts at her very own pattern the podster gloves. I sadly Haven’t been able to stay awake enough in the morning during my commute hold needles let alone knit.

I feel like this post was a whole lot of rationalizing. and I shall hang my head and go work on <surpriseproject1>