Trick or Treat

Well I am glad I am not a betting woman. I did not work on F.T.L.O.C. at all. My mom invited me over to spend the day without power in front of the fire with her. She wanted some company because her husband was away. How could I say no? F.T.L.O.C. is her Christmas present so I did not take that with me. In staid I worked on this. I’m thinking of calling it Sandy’s Silver Lining. After all it is a reminder of a day well spent in front of the fireplace with hot cocoa.

And in the spirit of Halloween…


That’s a Frankenstein’s Monster candy corn and a werewolf marshmallow. Obviously they need some work.



I just published part 6 and I figured I should just say that I’m ok. I’m at the dunkin donuts having breakfast since the power went last night and has not returned. I hope that everyone is high and dry.

For the Love of Cables pt.6 ( 8 1/4 inches)

Well I found my measuring tape right where it was supposed to be. In my jewelry box turned knitting flotsam and jetsam catch-all. How’s that for a name? I’m glad I didn’t go out and buy a new one. Anyway when I measured F.T.L.O.C. it was eight and a quarter inches long. Sigh. I’m not quite on the downhill slide yet but I will bet you a skein of yarn (not really, I’m to much of a yarn ferret) that I will finish it tomorrow. Somehow I managed to move my knitting chair to the other side of the room. This was a particularly Herculean feet because a hurt my ankle stacking wood on saturday. Normal walking is okay so I’ll just put a cold pack on it and pray for the best. I really do not want to drive anywhere in this weather, not that I think my doctor would be crazy enough to stay open. I was pretty busy today (I was lucky enough, my work was closed today and will be tomorrow too). I did a load of laundry first thing this morning after turning the radio on to see whether I would have to travel forty five minutes to work, I am not getting caught in a power outage without clean clothes. The ten-gallon water jug was filled up as was the bath tub (now it won’t stop dripping an it’s driving me crazy). I marshaled all my candles and matches. Once again we come back to my knitting chair the reason I moved it was so I will have some sort of natural light when the lights flicker and do not come back on. Amid all the craziness I did get some crocheting done. I made a marshmallow werewolf amigurimi and a candy corn frankenstein. I better go the lights are doing quite an impressive strobe light impersonation. Hope you all will be high and dry this weekend.

*Note this post was published late due to Hurricane Sandy

For the Love of Cables Pt 5 ( Buttons )

When I bind off FTLOC ( someday… ) I will need two buttons. Ladies and Gentlemen you no longer have to wonder what buttons I plan to use. I have decided to use two buttons from a set of three. These were originally to be used on a scarf. I have since realized that ,after two years if faithful service, said scarf does not need any buttons.
Also, I have been working on knitting FTLOC. I would love to give a measurement to express my progress but alas I seem to have misplaced my measuring tape. Now, of course, I could simply go buy another one but if I do the other one will invariably show itself at the next opportunity. I will just dig out a ruler tonight Andy measure it. ( Why am I thinking of this just now?!) for now it looks like its about eight inches of the twenty it needs to be.


About eight inches


For the Love of Cables pt. 4 The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I’ve been working on For the Love of Cables and it is starting to feel like the children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He ate a row here three rows there. Slowly slowly I’m creeping along. Just the other day my mother told me that I should make here a neck warmer for Christmas. It won’t be much of a surprise I guess, but she will get exactly what she wants. Here it is as of last night:

If you look close you can see the mistake I made in the center cable, I cabled front instead of back… I think.



I read a tutorial on this blog (that I found on this blog). It was very thorough and it made me think “huh” why not try it. It was simple enough, there are  walnuts lying around out the wazoo this time of year (Or so I thought, I could only find two). It was also pretty easy to smash them open and heat up the rinds (hulls?) in a pot of water. This is what the wool looked like beforehand:

Here’s what it looked like while it was soaking


Here’s what it looked like in the end

It’s so pretty, I was a little nervous; I was not sure how it would turn out. It’s like spinning straw into gold or something like that…

As I’m sure you all have noticed spinayarnknit looks a different. I’m in the process of giving her a facelift; ignore the stock photo in the header. Also,  if any random half-baked posts missing photos show up that’s because I’ve been working off of my new iPod more and more, and I have not quite got the drafts part down.

Happy First Blogoversary

Well the calendar says that I’ve been posting here for a year now. Wow, has it really been a year? I am just as surprised as anyone. I am not as far as I thought I would be A year ago this time, although a year ago I was horribly naive. I had yet to realize how incredibly difficult it is to see a pattern from conception to submission. As a woman who has yet to give birth to a child I do not believe I have any right to bemoan the rigors that I am sure are nothing compared to childbirth. Although I am willing to admit that it IS a labour of love. And I am so glad that you have been here to experience this journey with me. I hope that you will continue to listen to my yarny ramblings for as long as I am able to type them.