2012 is closing in

Here is a visual representation of my Christmas… I’ll coment as we go along

Here’s Falling Leaves

My exteremly talented friend Lissa tried to teach me to crochet but I think I’ll stick to knitting

She also taught me a little about jewlery making Thanks Lissa 😉

Here’s the aforementioned drop spindle

And here’s what I spun! I believe there’s 35 yards there.

Lastly just for laughs here’s my brother’s gift to my mother… Can you tell what it is? (They’re pans)

The Aftermath

Here are the pictures of my Fo gifts …time elapses… Ok I guess I describe them verbally (Of course the uploader-thingy won’t work today).  Wellis a scarf I designed that is called Falling Leaves. Tychus was a hit. Unfortunately I did not finish Men’s Socks. I wasn’t even close. Like still on the first one not even 2/3 done with that one. I did manage to give the recipient a different gift but I still feel Bad. Maybe he can have them for father’s day. He’s my grandfather so I guess I counts… Sigh. I don’t know what to knit now. My mother is requesting a cardigan and I wanted to make a scarf for my stepfather for his birthday. (I got him a Harley shirt for Christmas… He collects them and I’m not sure if I could knit one.) Well another year is almost over… Oh yeah! I almost forgot! My darling brother got me a lovely drop spindle. I’ve been spinning all day.

Just in Case

Just in case I’m not able to post before Christmas there are a few things I want to say…  I hope you all get to eat lots of cookies and spend time with your family. If Christmas isn’t your thing I hope you just have a wonderful weekend then. Anyway onto knitting (the whole point of this) I have moved onto the instep of Men’s Socks. I went on a trip a week ago and there was a lot of knitting time. 🙂


Total Chaos

I’m blinking sleep out of my eyes as I write this. We had a crazy day at work today. We had lines out the door. I’m not complaining though. I work in a little coffee shop where we do 1/4 of our bussiness in this month. Because of this we stay open later on Saturdays and are open Sunday afternoons. Because of this my weekend starts at 4:00pm Sunday. Even with all the crazyness I love my job. The downside is that knitting time is considerably less. I hope I’ll be able to stay awake long enough to get more of Men’s Sock’s done.

To Shed Some Light

Here is all the pictures that I’ve been trying to upload… Here are the books that I mentioned before


 This one makes me cry every time      

I’m almost done with 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas

Here’s my progress on Men’s Socks I am very glad to be finished with the ribbing

Heel flap anyone?

I finished<surpriseproject1> over this past weekend. My gift list is shrinking thank goodness…

My Personal Library

With December begining most of us gift knitters are scrambling to finishing our gifts. I am not even thinking about the how of how I’m going to finish my projects gifts. I am thinking about the finishing part. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t think about whether I can do somthing, I just jump in. Now this method procures many failures but that makes the sucsesses even sweeter.

Anyway rather than knitting I am reading. I have always been an avid reader. Currently I have been reading some classics…

…Once again I am unable to post pictures (I wonder why that happens?). I noticed I run into this problem only occasionally…

Here’s whats on my bedside table…

1. Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

2. Robin Hood

3. 20,000  Leagues Under The Seas  by Jules Verne

4. The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans (I would recommend this book to anyone who believes in Christmas miracles)

Until Next Time, Happy Knitting 😉