Stash Fast

This year for Lent I decided to give up buying yarn (I also gave up tasty cakes- but that’s another matter entirely). It shouldn’t be too hard I have a little stash. I also have a few WIPs going all from stashed yarn.

I have the Bahamas Socks (Turkish Walrus) started with the blue yarn from my blanket for the toe, heel and top. As apposed to striping all the way up. The rest will be knit in plain stockinette with  Koigu Painters Pallet Premium Merino (100% Merino, 50 g, 175 yds/160 m,  Colorway; P113 ). I have two skeins of it and I’m just going to see how long I can make them.



I’m also working on Rosie’s ‘Big Sister’ present. As I found out the new baby is due in the beginning of April, not May, I’m trying to finish it this weekend and send it down next week some time.


I’m using the left over Silky Wool XL from a pair of legwarmers I made for a friend. I hated them so much I didn’t even take any pictures of  them. There was nothing wrong with them. I just hated them with an unjustifiable passion. The belly and ears are of some super soft yarn I’ve had stashed for a couple years. I can’t really remember what it’s called but I’ll look.

My other WIP is a SHEILD beanie. The logo for the intelligence agency mentioned in the Marvel movies is emblazoned on the front. I have all the colorwork done and I’m just starting the decreases. The yarn is a little over one skein of Caron Simply Soft and an unknown grey worsted weight yarn of an acrylic nature.



I think I’ll be sufficiently covered until Easter.

Resolution Recap #2


The weather scarf nearly doubled this month (due to there only being 28 days in February instead of the 31 in January). So how did it change this month? Well…


What do you know, it got warmer in January than it did in February!

0-10 degrees F: White

11-20 degrees F: Black

21-30 degrees F: Grey

31-40 degrees F: Dark Blue

41-50 degrees F: Green

51-60 degrees F: Purple

61-70 degrees F: Pink

71-80 degrees F: Teal

81-90 degrees F: Yellow

91-100 degrees F: Orange

101-110 degrees F: Red

(Temperatures are based on the average for the day.)

The blanket didn’t suffer at all this month. Whenever I missed a day I was able to play catch-up.


I believe there’s somewhere between 110 and 120 squares so far (counting each big square as 4 little squares). I even added a new color.


It’s part of the leftovers from my Christmas socks. It’s less than one skein of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns, Fingering (now labeled as Addiction), 175 yards (160 meters), 50 grams (1.76 ounces), and 100% merino. The colorway is Be My Valentine. Unfortunately this yarn has been discontinued. 😦 I really like the new tones and variegation it brings to the blanket. I’m almost out of (I don’t think I have enough for another square) of my hand-dyed Red Cabbage yarn and I don’t have any of my sour grass hand-dyed yarn left at all. I think the Blanket’s yarn colors are starting to shift for the first time as I run out of yarns and add new ones. (There won’t be any more dark blue, but more on that later 😉 )