To do list:

I have many exciting things to report!

  1. I have chosen my name: Cleo
  2. I have so many designs to make I don’t know where to start… (I will try to have one on here by the next time I post)
  3. I am this close to finishing an adorable elephant for my niece, Rosie

Wow so much knitterly goodness! So much to do, and so little time to do it in! I’ll surprise you next time with my first official (workable that is) design.

Here is a little visual representation of my to do list:

Picture mine in blue ( from knitty)

A clue perhaps (photo Credit)

My oh my, I better get started!

Thinking about the people I don’t know

I currently read five blogs regularly, as in they’re on my favorites bar. I was thinking last night, I know six knitters. Sad isn’t it? Wait it gets worse,two of them are my brothers (only one will admit to it isn’t it sad?) one is my sister-in-law. Half of them are family. This also includes the owner of my not so local LYS. I enjoy reading blogs for this reason: it makes me feel like part of a bigger community. One of the great things about the knitting community is how friendly we are in general.

                                             But you all knew that already

PS. I remain nameless so…


Well I suppose I have said hello in enough ways to thoroughly announce my presence in the knitting corner of the blogosphere. I’m sorry if I have misspelled any of them. I have decided to call my blog spinayarn because way back when, when people got together and told stories it was called spinning a yarn. Although that usually meant that the stories were false I promise all my ramblings will be true. I value personal privacy so everyone I mention on here will have a false name, I will also (if this goes as planned) stick to knitting. I have not yet decided on a pseudonym for myself but I will let you know the next time I post. Names are one thing that is important. When I design something I start with an idea or name then using that I create the pattern. It’s sort of backwards I know but hey, I’m so new to this anything goes I guess. I enjoy lace work and fair isle has my name written all over it. I do actually know how to spin yarn myself but my skills are pretty elementary. I have just recently finished a fair isle hat that I found held my attention well. It’s called Rhapsody (by Terry Morris).

                                                                      Rhapsody hat