Out Like a Lamb

The temperature has been hovering around fifty for the past few days so, even though its drizzling today, I’d say this is lamb-like weather. I’ve been pretty busy this month. I accomplished everything on my list. I forgot to post this yesterday, here’s a picture of the finished Slouchy Hat!


I’m still not sure what to call it other than Slouchy Hat! I threaded elastic thread through the cast on stitches and now the brim, which was too wide, is nice and snug and it stays on my head.

Here’s my March Design It! entry. You know it as S.S.P.



They’re nice slouchy socks that one can wear around the house instead of slippers. Here’s the link if you want to see what everyone else came up with this month. There isn’t much to report about the Blanket today. I spent most of the morning cleaning but I did get some time in last night while watching Battleship (The Hitchcock was broken, who ever rented it from Netflix before us had cracked it and tried to glue it. ūüė¶ )


I think¬†I need to weave in some ends before I go any further. It’s getting a little messy. My goal is to finish the bottom row by Wednesday.



Today was errands day. Over the course of three hours I dashed here and there, picking up last minutes items for Easter dinner. There were a few treasures in this egg-less Easter hunt. I bought a rainbow of Kool-Aid pouches for dyeing. I owe a friend a pair of slippers. She wants multicolored neon ones. The only neon yarn I could find online was plastic. So I think using Kool-Aid will be my best shot at achieving the colors she wants. Without the yarn squeaking as she walks.

Roy G. Biv

On a more natural note… I also bought two packets of seeds.


Lavender will produce a yellow color and will also keep moths from eating clothes dyed with it. Fennel will create a yellow or green color.


I started my birch bark dye. I boiled it then let it simmer. Here it is as of this afternoon. It’ll soak in here for a week or more. Then I’ll strain it and dye¬†my white yarn completely. Afterwards I’m going to overdye¬†1/2 of it with coffee so I end up with a pink and brown variegated yarn for the Blanket. I hope.


It actually smelled good while it was boiling. Almost like pine. Of course here’s my progress on the Blanket.


8 and 1/2 squares out of 14 (or 15 I’m not 100% sure yet) for the bottom. If there was one thing about the Blanket that I didn’t like I’d have to say it would be doing the crochet cast on with a broken hook. I was checking out a new (to me)¬†blog and the author said she wanted some chick fabric to make curtains out of. When I was in Jo-Ann Fabrics today this is the first thing I saw.


Chicks N’ Eggs


Parachuting Chicks

Personally I’d use Parachuting Chicks! ūüėČ Happy Easter Everyone!

Orbit of Insanity

I meant for the Blanket to be a stash buster. An in between projects project but, unfortunately, the Blanket is very addicting. I managed to make four squares yesterday alone. I’ve been digging around for sock weight yarn. I don’t have all that much sock yarn but I can at least make a start,


I frogged my Summit scarf  to feed my addiction.


I rationalized by saying “It’s been sitting in hibernation for months, the¬†yarn will actually¬†be used this way…” Here’s the Blanket as of this morning, I added a little more as I drank my coffee.


I’m sure you all can see¬†the myriad¬†of loose ends hanging off. Most of your are probably cringing too. I have been weaving ends as I go though, I’m trying to keep the orbit of insanity following this project to a minimum. Nevertheless it has already sucked me in.

New Project

Look what we have here…


Two little swatches. What ever could they be?


And another one on the needles? Oh my.

Does anybody have any guesses as to what I’m making? It is a pattern on Ravelry, but¬†not by me.


Here’s a shot of my new yarn bowl. I can’t wait to try it out.

Ps. I’m making this

Day 2

Just now, as¬†we are well into our second day of spring I am feeling it. I noticed today, when I was on a walk, the birds were chirping¬†and I did see some crocuses. I think that’s what they were. Sadly, my flower knowledge is a little bit lacking. Anyway, Bunny Hoppers is in the mail and will be at Rosie’s house well before Easter so I feel like¬†I can relax. All of my deadlines are met and I’m not rushing to finish one project or another.



I think they turned out great. I’ve gone back to Slouchy Hat but it’s slow going. There are 178 stitches on one round but it is good mindless knitting and I am enjoying it. I’m not sure but I think it won’t be much longer.


Ever have one of those moments where everything is going fine then suddenly it hits you. You made a really stupid obvious mistake.

Bunnies generally have two ears. I am making a set of bunny slippers. That’s two bunnies. So at two ears per head times two heads I need four ears. Then why on earth did I only make two? At least it’s a simple fix, not structural. It didn’t take long for me to whip¬†up two more ears. They’ll be felting tonight and, with any luck, be mailed tomorrow.



If you though my last post Eating Crow was a little odd, it was. When I published it the first paragraph disappeared and I didn’t notice. I have no idea why it did that. I wasn’t copying and pasting it in. Oh well I wasn’t important. Just some small talk about the weather…

Eating Crow



My poor ambiente… Somebody had found it and pulled it out of my zipped backpack (I discovered that part of my camera strap had hung out; it apparently makes a nice puppy handle for¬†unzipping¬†a jansport…) They also demolished my knitting encyclopedia and a wooden needle. It’s too depressing to even post a picture of the book.

I have never had this problem before. I have left W.I.P.s unattended before by mistake when I went to do a load of wash. I don’t know what was different this time but… The silver lining is that, being bird dogs, they didn’t actually chew on the yarn. They just gently pulled a couple of layers off. It took only fifteen to twenty minutes to fix.

I also have made some progress with Bunny Hoppers but not much.


Here they are after three washes. The measurements are 5 1/2″ by 8″. They need to be down to 2 1/2 ” by 5″.¬† One more wash ought to do it.