Bahamas Socks… The Complete Set

IMG_5477I knew as soon as I finished the Bahamas Sock’s I would want to wear them. (Wow, that is a blurry picture!) I wanted to wear them to school and have them be visible so I had to make sure they were longer than my converse high tops. That wasn’t an issue, I had plenty of the Painter’s Palate Koigu (in fact, I only used one skein.).

After I finished them I started blocking them that night. The next morning they were still damp. I really wanted to wear them that day because the school year was winding down and it was one of my last non-gym days. (I refuse to subject hand-knit socks to gym class.) So, my mother suggested we put them in the oven on ‘low’.


I left them while I brushed my teeth. When I came back into the kitchen I pulled them out and let them sit while they cooled down. It worked! They were completely dry and unharmed. When I put them on they fit like a glove and the wave detailing wasn’t stretched out.


Just before I caught the bus I went out on the front steps and snapped a few pictures of my socks inside my shoes.


They had plenty of extra room to show off above the shoes. The asymmetrical pooling of the colors gave my outfit a nice pop. I love being able to wear my hand knits. For some reason it feels like it doesn’t happen all that often…


5 thoughts on “Bahamas Socks… The Complete Set

    • Thanks! I love the contrast between the converse and the socks, I’m going to have to make more pairs that are long enough to peek out the top.

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