Slip Sliding Along

I cast on Booties for Grown-Ups (by Frankie Brown) for my grandmother. You can find them on Ravelry.

I don’t usually knit with such chunky yarn, but it seems to be fairly easy (so far, knock on wood). Lately I’ve noticed a surge of crocheted scarves around my workplace. The girls I have talked to have all said that they made their scarves. Many have mentioned that they also know how to knit but prefer crochet because it is “more relaxing” and “you don’t have to finish it, you can just tie a knot” (I’m assuming she was referring to binding off). I agree in some aspects, crocheting is easier and can be quicker. But, I find knitting more challenging and I can do more with knitting; instarsia, cables, fair isle and the like. (colour work is my niche I think). I am happy that the fiber big seems to be going around no matter the form. I’ve even had a friend ask me if I know how to weave, she wants to make a scarf. I ,sadly, do not. Do you have any recommendations for a good instruction book I could get her for Christmas?
It has started to snow, which seems harmless enough, even pretty. Not for me, I am slipping and falling all over the place. Maybe I should just sit down and knit.


I did it! I left (Tagged doesn’t seem quite the right word.) Kenny at the Washington Monument today. We stopped for a break and I just left it next to the cement wall on the side away from the Reflecting Pool. It didn’t seem right to leave a tag attached so I managed to pulled the packaging-reinforced tape off of the yarn and tuck that in. I can imagine a little kid finding it like an easter egg hunt.

A Close up from this summer

Here he is all snuggled up in the leaf pile (I have got to stop personifying things).

For the Love of Cables Pt. 8 (Finished!)

I’m finished with FTLOC!

The lighting is a bummer. It is much more green in person. I finished another project but it’s for a design contest so no pictures until the thirtieth. 😉 I didn’t finish Mr. Dino Rawr so one of the rock twins might be being used in his stead. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and get lots of yummy food (oh, and knitting time lots of knitting time).


For The Love of Cables Pt. 7 (Multitasking)

I should have my blinders on, charging down the straightaway toward Christmas, FTLOC in one hand, Jess’s bag in the other but yet again I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I went to the yarn store and this what I bought:

Some of that is for Christmas ornaments and the green and white and dark brown yarn is for Jess’s jewelry bag. On another note: my mother bought this lamp. Does it remind any one else of this pattern by Franklin Habit. I was talking to Patrice and she confirmed that fruit was in style in the mid 1,900s. She and her mother spent a lot of time crocheting grape themed doilies. On another note, I’ve decided to make a yarn bomb tag called Mr. Dino Rawr. Make of that what you want. I’m planning to leave it when I visit my brother’s family for thanksgiving. If I have time to finish it, that is. Here’s my progress on FTLOC, I’m almost done!

I forgot the picture of the lamp, sigh, Christmas can’t come to soon.


My Best Tribute

Last night I took a little break from Christmas knitting to knit a a small black pennant. It didn’t take long, twelve stitches wide, simple stockinette stitch with two selvage stitches on either side. The bottom tapered at a two K2togs per row. This easy little streamer took about forty-five minutes to complete, but it was the most difficult thing I have ever knit. You see, this was, what I’ll call, a prayer flag. I guy I grew up with died in a car crash on Saturday. It seems wrong to write about this and post it online but this is my best tribute. I am planning to use this prayer flag to tag somewhere extraordinary.


Residual Bellyache

A little Halloween treat for me!

When I was a child we lived too far out in the country for trick-or-treating. Now as an adult I always make sure I get something sweet for this day in late October. As you can see, I have begun sampling the peeps. I have a hard time leaving the alone long enough for them to get stale and crunchy. Tonight though, I received something much more valuable than ghost-shaped marshmallows; my grandmother gave me her mother’s crochet hook. It’s about a hundred and ten years old.

And yes my nails are black for Halloween.