Resolution Recaps 5 & 6

Well I’m finally caught up! Over the weekend I knit two months worth of days into the weather scarf. It’s getting so long that I’ve taken to rolling it up as I knit, to reduce the bulkiness. Here it is sans rubber bands.
The teal section on my needles right now is the largest section of any one color, seven days. Here’s what it looks like all stretched out.
0-10 degrees F: White 
11-20 degrees F: Black 
21-30 degrees F: Grey 
31-40 degrees F: Dark Blue 
41-50 degrees F: Green 
51-60 degrees F: Purple 
61-70 degrees F: Lime Green
71-80 degrees F: Teal 
81-90 degrees F: Yellow 
91-100 degrees F: Orange 
101-110 degrees F: Red
Holey moley right? The colors shifting is really obivious in both pictures.

I’ve been trying to get back into the rhythm of one square every day on the blanket. The last time you all saw it, (waaay back in March) it looked like this;

But, after adding to eleven squares to it over the Memorial Day weekend and a bunch yesterday, it looks like this:

I honestly cannot remember what yarns I ran out of this month but, there are a few special squares I want to share individually.

This square is made out of literally all that was left of the yarn from the Bahamas Socks.

This square is made of some oft eh leftovers from Gingko Shawlette, there will be plenty more where it came form.



These squares are both yarns from a swap I did in June with a fellow instagrammer, Jesse. Her username is @oocha if you want to check out her sock yarn blankie which, she has named Mrs. Weasley’s Blanket.

Are any of you making sock yarn blankies (or similar projects)and want to swap mini skeins with me? I’d love to swap with you guys. It’s always fun to add a little more variety to the Blanket.

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