I feed my Insanity

Ok. Finally I got brave. I started swatching for my sister-in-laws present. Here are some pictures chronicaling my strugle.


Ball band                                                                              Choosing my Needles

 This is my first attempt at the lace. I’ll post a picture of the final draft later.

On another note, I’ve decided that I WILL finish the O.W.S by Saturday. I finished the 11″ back last night at 11:00. I crawled in bed knowing that the next day I would be a zombie… and I was. Here’s what I have now:

 I better go get to work…

Why knitting and soccer don’t mix

Today I went to a soccer game. I am not the an expert on soccer so I took the Podster gloves with me. As the game progressed I noticed that the spectators were becoming increasingly more and more noisy. The screams of “off sides off sides” and “follow the ball blue” increased in frequency at a rate directly proportional to the lack of appropriate calls by the ref. The apex was I think, when the other teams’ coach said to the ref “we were really offsides”.  As we fell further and further behind I could feel the fans staring at my needles. I held the gloves closer to me and slouched in my seat. I began to fear for my dpns. If things got violent enough I am sure that my needles would have been used as weapons. I’m just glad I wasn’t knitting a sweater with size twelve needles. That might have made things a little bloody…    Oh yeah this was a game played by twelve-year olds…

Here is my left hand glove at home safe and sound

I’m just about to start the thumb.

No news is good news (Yeah right)

Hey there of the knitting blog-o-sphere I have a surprising lack of knitting news but here goes:

  • I am about 1/2 way through Tychus


  • I’m on the back of  the O.S.W. baby sweater (there is no way I’ll get it done before the 31st though)

  • The podster gloves are coming along nicely (although I get many odd comments during my daily commute)


  • I have decided on a lace pattern for <surpriseproject#1>

 On a completely different and non-knitting related note… here’s the cutest little tomato I found


Too pretty to walk on

A few days ago a family friend – who is a nonknitter- sent me a wonderful gift. Of course it was yarn (and some stitch holders). She sent me a 130 yard skein of a beautiful fingering weight yarn called Palomino.

So delightful… The kicker is that the yarn was almost 30 dollars. Now when I buy yarn my main concern is price. I’m not sure why she bought me yarn this expensive. I have a lovely sock pattern that would be perfect for it. Thirty dollar socks… Now I can’t imagine having thirty dollar socks. I would hate to walk on yarn that beautiful. Maybe a scarf. But that pattern calls to me like a sock siren song.

The epic continues

Hello world! Once I finished Flo I didn’t stop. I just kept plugging away at my Christmas list. I didn’t even let my needles cool down. I started a hat for my father. It’s called Tychus


Yep there are sticky notes on it because I’m the kind of person who when I make a mistake I just change the pattern. The method there to make those arching stripes is the short row method.  

I also am working on designing a gift for my sister-in-law. I won’t be telling what it is yet because she is also a knitter but I will hint at lace… So many things happening and yet I started a sweater for my niece… Am I insane? I think so.

They say you never forget your first (pattern) and It’s a block party!

Well I finished the pattern it is called Fern. I am thoroughly disappointed. I am going to try to link it here eventually so for now it’ll be just pictures but…

  As a coaser 

The way it was intended

In other news… I have been doing so much blocking lately it could be a party


Wisp here it is, I finished it last winter and now I’m blocking it…

 I blocked and finished Flo!

I promise I’ll try to find a way to post the pattern soon.