FO Finally

You would think that this year, with only one knitted gift, I’d be a little more on top of things. Nope. With one week until our family leaves for our Christmas vacation I’m scrambling to get everything done. I have to pack and a whole lot of other craziness (why didn’t I realize that becoming a teacher would require so much paperwork)


I blocked Reid Saturday. Sewed it together Sunday and, after hours of cursing and fiddling I had the border crocheted on. Hallelujah, it was done! This cardigan has given me more issues than any other project I have ever worked on. The finishing instructions were virtually non-existent and there was no schematic for the fronts. I had no idea how big the arm holes were supposed to be or how far across I was supposed to seam.



Last week I got my first ever commission. An acquaintance requested a black and green and red hat. He’d pay ten dollars he said. Since I already had the yarn in my stash I agreed. Well let me tell you I whipped that sucker out in two days.


I know it’ll stand up to the bitter nineteen degrees that has become the norm around here because it can stand up on its own.


I got this adorable crocheted owl hat at a local craft fair to give to Rosie along with Reid. I figured that she should get something she could use right away since Reid is more of a spring cardigan.


For Christmas my Aunt sent me these three books about knitting. I’m working on ‘Knitting Yarns.’ I’m trying to pace myself but it’s difficult. It’s just so good! It’s a collection of varying essays on knitting. Most are personal. One’s historical. There’s even a poem. Not to mention the patterns scattered throughout.


I wound up the Borealis last knit. This is going to be my commuter knitting. I’m envisioning a cowl or some sort of neck warmer because, around here, sometimes scarves just don’t cut it.