Is it a swatch or somthing more?

Here’s a close up of the yarn for those of you who wanted to see it. It is mostly golden brown but it has tints of dark blue and even red in it here and there.

Here’s a close up of cable panel A. “C” is the same thing reversed, a C4F rather than C4B. “B” is A and C together. It’s symmetric. This I guess could be considered swatching even though it isn’t with the same yarn or the right gauge, I just wanted to practice the cable before I was totally committed.  I’ve decided to put bobbles only on the lowest panel. While I love them on not garment objects I just wasn’t feeling the every 12 rows thing. Ya know?

(Sorry about the post title but I couldn’t think of anything else.)

And they’re off!

All this knitting related stuff is happening all at once. It feels like a race was started. Today I’ll bring you all up to date with all the pictures I’ve been neglecting to post. (Bad Cleo! 😦 )

This is the yarn I got for $1.99 a while ago

I was a very busy girl on Saturday… I went to my local LYS and got yarn, needles at walmart, and a new sketch book at A.C. Moore.


Berroco Comfort, Knitting Worsted weight, 50% Super Fine Nylon 50% Super Fine Acrylic, Color 9787 and there are  210 yds per 100 g skein. I bought 8 of these for my newest project.

Yep, it’s a dress. I got it out of my pattern day by day calendar from two years ago. It is called Cable Dress & Hat. It’s  

courtesy of Patons, Listowel. I started the back Saturday night. Here it is of last night:

The cabling is coming along nicely. 😉

Something Similar

What with all the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s well past I find myself in a lull. I simply can’t decide what to knit. It’s similar to writers block. I guess you could call it knitter’s block. With the total lack of knitty ideas I unfortunately lack pictures to accompany knitting related things. Although I did get a ton of yarn for really cheep at a thrift store. A whole bag for $1.99. I tried to find some needles and all they had was a needle around like size 15 or something in that area. The yarn was of many many pretty colors. There all teals and reds, a skein of black exactly like I already have (hows that for lucky?), and some odds and ends. I’ve been surfing the web for patters and organizing my library but no knitting. My fingers are itching but so far nothing has jumped out at me. Ah oh well I’m sure by Monday I’ll be back at it tackling eight projects at once! 😉

A Good Way To Live

My niece ,Rosie, is one lucky girl. She was born into a family of knitters. I (her aunt) knit as do her uncles (my two brothers). Her mother (my sister-in-law) knits as does her sister. Her grandmother (on her mother’s side) even owns a yarn store and she gets all the displayed knitted goodies. I think that is truly good way to live. Imagine all the knitted goodies she’ll receive and not to mention the knitty knowledge should she decide to pick up the sticks. Doesn’t that sound like a lovely way to live? And she’s less than a year. We should all be that blessed.



Ps. Flo and Falling leaves were  excepted with great enthusiasm!