“Like a Bag of peanuts”

Unfortunately this weekend (due to a very cute baby) I didn’t get as much knitting done as I had planned. To quote Grandpa she was getting passed around “like a bag of peanuts”. Which were also getting passed around the campfire quite a bit. So instead of being done with the second sock I am knitting a heel flap.

The row counter says 17. That means I’m 1/2 done with the heel flap. That was Tuesday night. Now I’m on about row 24.

Breakfast of Champions

At work there are three of us who read the paper during lunch break Jack looks to see who was arrested (any ex-students?), Larry looks to see who died, and I ,my friends, read the comics for the most part. Simply because all my friends are crazy gossips so I hear about everything through them and most of the time the stuff is dry or depressing. So anyway, today I was reading the comics and here is what the Garfield one looked like:

 Cartoon By Jim Davis

Does anybody else have the missing sock problem?

I’ve been working on pt two of Men’s Socks but I’m still on the cuff so it’s more of the same.

My Week in Review

Spring is a lovely time of year. It is the time of year that makes me want to get stuff done. So here’s my week in review.

Sunday, Here’s part one of Men’s Socks (Again).

Here it is again on Tuesday. All done <insert YAY here>

Yesterday I went to an outdoor Jazz concert at our local park. It was put on by the local middleschool and highschool jazz bands.


Here’s the second socks as of about thirty minutes ago.

How did your week go?


I decided this morning that this year I will finish all my Christmas gifts. So I’m starting  now. In May. This better work. Anyway, I was feeling a little rebellious so I made a bracelet.       

This is actually the second one I made. The fist one was yellow with green wording but this one looked so much nicer. This one was for a friend of mine who took a shine to mine. We are a very silly group so stuff like this is the norm.