Aesop I am not

The other night I pulled out Cable Dress and was all ready to get several inches of progress done but alas…

 I discovered two rows in that I had done the Stockinette backwards. I unravelled it and knitted it of my cable needle and success!

        you can’t even tell. Good as new.

Here are some over all pictures of it from the back and the front.


There’s probably a moral to this… Maybe, “Don’t knit when I’m so tired?”

Ps. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures my camera is acting weird

Everything has a place…

Well I try to believe that. I have been organizing my stash… Lots and lots of  colors and fibers. Here’s what one of my caches look like:


This particular stash-monster lives in a lovely wicker trunk (is that really the right adjective).

Here’s my progress on C.D&H.



I have been knitting on Simple Small Bear almost every night before I go to sleep. It’s so simple it doesn’t matter that I’m only 1/2 awake.


Here is the yarn info if you so desire:

Tinkerbell by Peter Pan 50% Acrylic and 50% Nylon. It is machine washable and 50g per skein. I have been working on C.D.H. little by little but there is not enough progress for it to be worth photographing.

Stealth Knitting

This Saturday I went to a wedding. We had people in out family in the wedding. I was there two hours early with nothing to do. Check that I had a brand new W.I.P to attend to.

The Simple Small Bear

Now seeing as I was at a church and I forgot my row counter at home this is my improved row counting method…

Aint that just the cutest?

Here it is after I put it away last night, I finished the body and am working on the head now.

Of course I found some time to work on C.D.&H


Panels A and C are actually flipped around if you look at the first picture… Woops

Books, Books, and More Books!

I am an avid reader, as you may have guessed. If not that’s ok too. You may have not noticed but up by the post title there is a new page. It is labeled My Knitting Library. While the name isn’t very creative it gets the message across. If you click on this tab you will see all the knitting books I have. I have tried to include a link with each book, if I can. I hope this link will be of use to someone, anyone, in the future. I didn’t realize until I had listed my books I had so many. Then i looked, there aren’t all that many, the titles are just long. Check it out if you can. 

I increased Cable Dress and Hat about 1/2 inch. Organization takes away from my knitting time. I hope to get some knitting time in during the “Big Game”. Hope you all get to too. 😉