I’m on Fire but I’m not a Liar

The writer of this blog awarded me the “Blog on Fire” Award.

In return I have to list eight interesting things about my pets. So here goes:

  1. My cat is named Persephone from Greek Mythology
  2. My dog Wilbur was called Chocolate Chunk by his first family.
  3. Coal and Wilbur love to play fetch or tug-of-war with the corn cobs that we put out for the dear
  4. Wilbur loves to climb on top of our wood pile
  5. Coal loves to eat ants, he follows the then he pounces (rather like a cat)
  6. Wilbur rolls onto his belly for a rub when he knows he’s been bad (like when he does his bussiness inside)
  7. Wilbur will lick up the breath-freashener bits I put in his food first, then eat the rest
  8. Both dogs bark when people start clapping loudly (My other labs didn’t care at all so I think it’s strange)

Thank you for the nomination Agujas! Here are my blogs

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These are my nominees, in no particular order. Go check them out!

Here are the stars of my post!


Coal as a wee baby

Wilbur as a wee baby

For the Love of Cables Pt.1 (because I’m sure there will be more to come)

Whilst Umbilical Cord sits within my W.I.P. basket as a heap of yarn and my sketchbook is marked to its pattern I have got a bit of knitters block so for now I’m moving on. I decided to make the For the Love of Cables cowl for my mother for Christmas. I used the Advanced Ravelry Search to find it. I was at the local thrift store the other day and picked up some super soft scarves. One of them was this one:

It’s super soft, I don’t have any idea what it is or how much there is but I think I’ll be able to use it. I’ve started to unravel it but I have no idea how it was put together.  I think it might be crochet…

Something Worth Blogging About

Today I was waiting on a lady and I noticed that on her hand-knit felted purse she had a pin that said “I knit therefore I am” I commented and told her how much I liked her purse. She told me she made it herself. When I informed her that I was a knitter as well she said “Oh so YOU’RE the knitter.”

Ummm… Ok.

She assured me it was all good. Apparently the owner of the lys had mentioned me because of living on the other side of a long-term construction project that increases the time it takes to voyage into town by about say fifteen or twenty minutes… Needless to say my trips to said lys have decreased in response to that, gas prices, and my quitting time. Weirdness aside, I did a little happy dance in my head, now I have something worth blogging about. See? I do really think about you guys when I’m off-line.

Anyway, part two: The dogs got taken to the creek for a bath with some nice biodegradable shampoo.

F.Y.I. when you walk into this plant it sounds like a rattle snake <insert me trying to stiffle a very high-pitched scream here>

Coal enjoying the creek

Wilbur wants a ride from Coal, he’s really just a big ‘fraidy cat

And here’s Coal rolling in the sand after his bath

Kinda Nervous

Last night I submitted my pattern to Knitty.com . I almost didn’t send it in… Then I told myself what’s the worst that can happen? They can say “no”. That isn’t so bad isn’t it? No nuclear explosion, no apocalypse, or God knows what. Still I’m kinda nervous. Here are some pictures:

Here is a little hat, it is called umbilical cord. I started it a while ago. I put it down after I realized that when you cable your gauge changes. Ooops… I think I’ll get it out at restart it. I have some ideas. Wish me luck on the restart!

The One and Only

A while back I waited on the owner of the (not a, THE) Lys. We were discussing designing patterns. While we both agree that we have way more respect for designers now that we have tried it. We disagreed about how we keep our note in line. She said she was always losing her notes so she started using the voice memos app on her Ipod and taking notes on it as well. I on the other hand prefer to scribble everything down on loose-leaf paper (and occasionally lose said papers and have to remove bolted-down plywood to retrieve them). I’m one of those people who don’t have a Kindle or a Nook simply because I like the way a book feels. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned. Anyway, here’s Larry all decked out in his tag.

Yes there is a rock in there. I took an i-cord and wrapped it around him and sewed it on. Don’t I manage my time in just the greatest ways?

Yes I Name My Rocks!

A few skeins of yarn that I had carefully wound into balls somehow found their way out of their safe spot in my bag. Slowly they descended through the layers of my Jansport. Quietly they nested there for about a week. When I finally realized and recovered my way-ward yarn balls they had begun to pick up the following:

  • Grains of sand (from Indian River)
  • Dirt particles (from rocks, more on them later)
  • Pencil shavings
  • Eraser stubble
  • Yarn fuzzies from previous W.I.P.s
  • And other unidentifiable errata

As you can see I had much fun in the cleaning of my babies and in the categorizing of the hitch-hikers.

This is rock (His name is Kenny).

That I yarnbombed. I brought him home to knit up the tag. Now he is livng on my bedside table next to his naked (I haven’t knited up a tag yet) twin brother Larry (Not pictured). Let’s see if I have the guts to take him back…

Post by Request

A few days ago I commented on this blog. The writer said she wanted see  the bottle in which I keep my needles in. So here it is:

And here are my new snazzy (when did I last hear the word “snazzy”?) dpns ( 8″ long )

On these I am planning to knit a something or other for my sister Rennata. I have good news, I finished a project, unfortunatly I can’t say more. But of course I have been keeping busy. I tried to make a new sort of tie for a hat. It is basically a fish-tail braid. (Which is actually a hairstyle) I am toying with a pattern that it would go with. Here’s what I have come up with so far.

This weekend I’m camping, in the rain. Wish me luck.

7 Things I Learned From Spending A Week With A Baby

  1. Babies do not slap themselves in the face, they’re just agitatedly signing “food”.
  2. Opening and closing your fist means “milk” pumping your fist up and down is how you get truck drivers to honk.
  3. If You’re Happy and You Know It and The ABCs are songs that bring joy to the world.
  4. It’s an Uh – Oh even if you do it on purpose.
  5. Just because standing is difficult that doesn’t mean sitting is preferred.
  6. Once a yarn ball is figured out it won’t stay a ball for long.
  7. More means “gimme food” even if you haven’t had any yet (especially if the food is yummy donuts)

Yes, I learned a lot that week. I was serving a family at lunch the other day and a little girl was signing “more”. It was one of those things that absolutely makes you smile. Sorry I haven’t posted about any projects lately but I want to submit a certain project to Knitty.com and you can’t post about it before hand so… If it gets in you’ll hear me screaming wherever you live. Promise there will be knitty – goodness next time. 😉