I Promise, There IS Yarn… Eventually

This past weekend we went to Gettysburg. It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was in Peru. We arrived on Thursday. Friday we went to the wax museum in town. The darkness and the creepiness of the figures prevent me from sharing anything from that. We caught crayfish.


We sat by the fire and consumed the ambrosia-esque (the food of the Greek Gods, not the salad) chicken dip.


Saturday was when the real fun began.

On Saturday we went to the racing museum located in Gettysburg.

Now, for those of you who don’t live out in the sticks and know what a tractor pull is (It’s just something we hicks do, right?).


The goal of a tractor pull is to see who can pull a weighted sledge (The big red thing up yonder) the furthest. Everyone wants a full pull, which is 300 yards.


The further you go the heavier the sledge gets. This is accomplished by moving the weight slowly forward which makes the weight pulled heavier. Ingenious, right?


This is, as one might expect, a male dominated activity but there were some women participating. (Notice that her front tire is off of the ground. That happens a lot but I was unable to get a good picture of that.) What was my purpose in telling you that? Simple, there wasn’t one. I just wanted to share this with all of you.

After the tractor show we went to a shop. It seemed like your typical sell-cheep-souvenirs-to-tourists shop. But it WASN’T! We stopped because the had a little sign below their main one advertising “Alpaca Apparel and Yarn”. You know me and alpaca. Hook Line and Sinker.


Sure enough, in the back corner of the shop. There was a little slice of ‘Paca Paradise.


The yarn is all imported from Peru and hand dyed in the US.

After our quick yarny pit stop (YES I bought something. I’m coming to that.) We headed over to the battle fields. Now, I’ve been to Gettysburg a million times (approximately) but, every time it takes my breath away. Even as a fifth-grader on my first trip I was amazed. So, for your viewing pleasure I’m going to include a few snapshots of the battlefields.


The view form Little Round Top. The Union defensive position. See those rocks in the middle of the left side? That is Devil’s Den. The Confederate hole. This hill is what the rebels charged. The field waaay in the background is where Pickett’s Charge occurred. The charge started there and continued over a mile to Little Round Top.


The eternal flame. A monument to all the soldiers who served.


The view of Little Round Top from atop a tower near the beginning of Pickett’s Charge. See that little castle thingy up near the top? That’s where I took the first picture from. That was built as a monument. IT wasn’t there during the Civil War, I don’t think.

Our next stop was Devil’s Den. Due to a dysfunctional  camera I don’t have any pictures of Devil’s Den itself, but I do have these.



Pictures of my yarn on the rocks at Devil’s Den. I thought it was appropriate to take pictures of yarn purchased in Gettysburg in Gettysburg.

On a side note: This fourth through the seventh of July is the 150th anniversary of the battle. And the reenactors are already there. It looks like it’ll be great. So if you live nearby, go check it out. I’m not sure about price but I wish I could go.

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