Abnegation Knitting

I’ve been busy lately. I made a quick headband with a 100 yard skein of 100% wool yarn I bought off of ebay last summer.

IMG_4631 IMG_4629

It’s such a shame I wasn’t able to keep this. I love the pooling of the colors and the texture of the basket weave pattern. I do have two more skeins of this yarn though, I will probably be making myself one of these… 😉


Here’s a quick picture of another commission. It’s a hat for my friend Chris. I used a slip stitch  rib to create the alternating pattern. This is another I want to keep for myself. I’ve decided on a name for this one (I’ll be writing up a pattern); Stevedore. It’s the name of a knot that looks similar to the loop of slipped stitches. I’ll be posting more pictures to go with the pattern soon.

My next commission is a pair of legwarmers for a dancer friend of mine. I bought three skeins of Silky Wool XL (80% Wool 20% Silk) at 104 yards per skein. I’ll be working on size 10.5 US needles. I just hope I have enough.


Wish me luck!

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