Resolution Recap #4

Wow, another month passed in a blur. It’s finally warming up though, the birds are chirping and the grass is slowly turning to green. And with the beginnings of spring the colors of the scarf are changing.


I started using purple and lime green, which I switched for pink because there wasn’t any pink in cascade 220 superwash.


0-10 degrees F: White

11-20 degrees F: Black

21-30 degrees F: Grey

31-40 degrees F: Dark Blue

41-50 degrees F: Green

51-60 degrees F: Purple

61-70 degrees F: Lime Green

71-80 degrees F: Teal

81-90 degrees F: Yellow

91-100 degrees F: Orange

101-110 degrees F: Red

(Temperatures are based on the average for the day.)

I didn’t even work on the blanket I don’t think, I’m not going to post a picture of it but I promise I’ll make time for it this month. I hope. I have to make a graduation present for my best friend so that’ll be first but hopefully it won’t take long.

I’ve been planning some off the blogging week posts and I’m getting super excited. I can’t wait for it to start.


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