S.H.I.E.L.D Beanie Needs a Little Love

5KCBWDAY2 Dating Profile
Write a dating profile for one of your past finished projects.

A Little About Me
Hello, I’m Cleo’s S.H.I.E.L.D. beanie. I’m based off of the insignia from the Marvel Movies. I’m only a little over two months old but I’m very mature for my age– I’ve seen a lot.

I’ve been on my own since the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier because (Spoiler Alert!) nobody wants to be with a relic of an intelligence agency corrupted by a Nazi deep science division kept alive by a super computer.  I have moved on and looking for love!
I’m a thick winter beanie made out of acrylic black and and grey worsted-weight yarn. I was a stash busting project but, don’t let my simple roots fool you, I had a fair bit of color work that wasn’t exactly TV knitting. I can keep anyone’s ears warm as well. I’m an eye-catching unique practical piece in Cleo’s wardrobe.


I’m more of a winter FO and I like all winter sports, sledding, ice skating, skiing… Being finished in March I haven’t had a chance to try any of them yet (even though it was plenty cold in March there wasn’t any snow.) but, I’m always up for trying new things. I also would like to try cosplaying someday, maybe as Black Widow? I’m looking for, ideally, someone who’s a little bit geeky and loves to be outside in winter.
I’m not a fan of anything made of really nice yarn because it makes me feel self-conscious. Same goes for bright hand-painted yarns. Other than that there isn’t much I don’t like.
The Future
I would like, in a couple months to go with Cleo to college where I might get the chance to meet more geeky knits. I would also like to be worn to the midnight premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron.


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